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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
the rainbow bird

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


niji no tori
murasaki no naka
kure ni tobu

a rainbow bird jumps to fly through the violet night

Current Music: a woman voice singing on a far terrace

And, the truth, enjoyment...
The interesting image...
So it is impossible to me :)
And a titmouse - a beauty and charm! :))

thank you, my kindest 「イリシャ様」: it is a real
pleasure to know how my small things are able to
awaken Beauty for Friends to enjoy it...

bellissimo, Kamome!! ti piace questo "through"... me lo ricordo tuo haiki: through lemon scent my hands (tu dici hands, ma io consiglio di scrivee arms)) can change to wings...

"trough" - una nozione che mi e' tanto vicina...

a cold wind - trough bare branches and my heart.

mi piace il tuo modo di scriverli in una riga.

sto male (anche io!))))

but I was just meant to say HANDS: the expression "my arms" gives
me a "too pictorial" (well, even a cartoon, lol!) idea of some
fantastic being, suddenly "melting" from one phisical form and
body shape to another, of a "different" nature - and you know how
I DO NOT CONSIDER my "human's half" different, neither far, nor
opposing to my "gull's" one.
I, too, like lots this TWO-IN-ONE verse here above...what I don't
like instead is this cold sensation of tiredness and "loss" that
I'm reading now, right "through" the sound of these few syllables:
what's on with you, valy?...

it's OK...(((

UNTRUE, that "ok"...if it was, you wouldn't answer that way!
心配している、フィフィ様! I'm concerned about you, you know?

Yorukamome sama! It seems to me that you've spent some time in Japan. The way you describe things and pictures you post, as well as your short comments in Japanese language, made me think that you lived or still living in Japan. Am I right? :)

unfortunately not, trust様 - it's one of the very few countries in the whole world I have never been able (once because of time, once for money, once for many other reasons) to visit...although my japanese friends themselves often and amazingly happen to tell me the same thing you have just written: "oh, you look more japanese than us, kamome!"
well, my passion for the "rigorousness" of japanese soul and mind dates very far back, in my ages of earliest youth...but I only had the chance of unning after this side of me now, in my later years, and just thanks to the need of a PC, which I had to learn and manage for my work...one thing I previously hated, "chats" and so on, you know: I would have never believed WHAT kind of splendid relationships and interests I could meet and grow on - but reality often trespasses every thought, so here I am, to thank you again, as well as I deepestly thank my japanese friend: these compliments are excessive for me, but so very pleasant...

A lovely haiga, Kamome sama! :-) The bird looks almost like a toy, and probably some serious thoughts run through her little head :-)))

yes, origa sama, you are absolutely right - I believe he's thinking

That's very likely! :-)))))))))

The Hiroshima sad anniversary was yesterday, and I placed a haiga by one of my Japanese friends -- I think you will be pleased to meet him ...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Well, Kamome sama -- Sakuo san is online now, and he has just visited my LJ and left a comment! It would be great if you answer his comment, and invite him to your LJ -- I am pretty sure he will be delighted! :-) Go ahead, don't be shy -- he is a very nice (over 70 yo) man, a real poet and artist by soul! :-)

will for sure, origa sama...it always is a great pleasure,
to have a chance of trying my poor nihongo and "measure" my
own JAPANESE SOUL with the metre and eyes of a real nihonjin,
so please be as kind to me as to invite him to my LJ - and please
DO NOT tell him previously what he's going to see and read:
I would really like to see the "unexpected" reaction...thanks

So, I invited him, Kamome sama :-) It will be interesting to hear what he would have to say ...

thanks again! of course I'm anxiuosly looking forward to
read from sakuo sama:I've been to his so nice page...and I
need to admit that I suddenly felt in some way "at home"