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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
"wherever you move"

one thing I was mumbleing about...a "hommage à" leonard cohen, in one of his
most beautiful pages, with this vellum, one of my most crafted & unusual folia:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I like to post this folio as it is, but I can understand how an easy reading can be
some difficult, so please find the text in this same "comments" page; I also need to
say that - for obvious reasons born in the folio itself, as it was conceived and
realised - as a scribe I had to choose whether preferring the whole text (as it was
written by mr.leonard cohen) or sort of an arrangement due to the nature/size/shape
of the object I was going to create: I hope mr.cohen will be as gentle as to forgive
me for this unauthorised "restyling" of his poem.

Current Music: andreas vollenweider, "phases of the three moons"
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: text of previous entry

oh.. so beautiful..

and I like very much the little elf with pointed (pointus?? comment dire en anglais?) ears...hihi)))

I never heard anything similar...
Thanks, Камоме.
It is wonderful...

absolutely true, irisha 様: I've rarely read something
so splendid - unfortunately it's not mine, and I truly
hope that my "hand" and changes haven't spoilt too much
such a Beauty...thanks indeed for the compliment.

Have not spoiled.
I trust, that you can write so perfectly...

too kind of you, irisha 様...I'm a scribe, as you can read
and see otherwhere on this page - or, better said, all these
compliments are undeserved: I was just born with some gifts
of the Being, too big for me, and which I try to manage at my
best (well I hope, at least) as I dare presumptously think that
it would be a pity if they go lost...it feels good, being able
in some measure to offer Beauty to others, now and here, along
this life: who can know if we will be again, in our next one?
thanks, you have beautiful eyes.

Я не говорила Вам комплиментов, Камоме.
Я искренне так думаю.
Конечно, можно возразить, что я Вас совсем не знаю и моя уверенность ни на чем не основана...
Быть может...
Но, возможно, я Вас знаю лучше, чем кто либо...

Книжник (собиратель, переписчик, переводчик) бывает не менее талатлив и совершенен, чем автор шедевра.
У каждого свой дар и свои "задачи" в этой жизни...
Камоме, Вы открыли свой дар... Спасибо, что даете нам прикоснуться к нему...

I did not speak you compliments, Камоме.
I am sincere so I think.
Certainly, it is possible to object, that I at all do not know you and my confidence on what it is not based...
But, possibly, I know you better, than who or...

The scribe happens is not less talented and perfect, than the author of a masterpiece.
At everyone the gift and "problems" in this life...
Kamome, you have opened your gift... Thanks that allow us to touch it...

oh, please, irisha様: between friends, there's no need
at all to "analyse" what a trusty confidence is based
on...it is already said and confirmed by mutual feelings
and shared sensations - remember? a Vibration gives life
to all beings together, and just like the notes fairly
harmonizing in a nice song, beings do attract each other...
this time, you will anyway be obliged to accept my "thanks",
for you cannot say now that the words you have addressed to
the scribe were not compliments...so thank you, once again.

I spoke about scribes in general... :)))

ОК, Камоме. I with gratitude accept your gratitude. :)
I shall wait for following pages of your diary.

text of this entry:

"wherever you move I hear the sound
of falling wings, of closing wings
I am breathless speechless
because you have fallen right beside me
because your eyelashes are the spines
of thousands tiny & fragile animals
beneath my hands, your small breasts
are the upturned bellies
of breathing fallen sparrows
I dread the time when you call me hunter
when you call me close
to tell me your body is not beautiful
I want to summon the eyes & the hidden mouths
of stones of light of water
to testify against you
I want them to surrender before you
the trembling rhyme of your face
when you call me close
to tell me your body is not beautiful
I want my body & my hands to be clear pools
for your looking and laughing"

(leonard cohen, from "the spice box of heart", 1961)