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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
the magic

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


hikari no ha
nami to kokoro o
genwaku suru

a sword of light, enchanting waves and soul

a short comment about the "精神/seishin" kanji that I had previously chosen,
which was over-syllabled too (4): keeping the same writing, it can also be
read as "kokoro/heart" (心=精神=3), reaching this way the right haiku measure.

Current Music: sirtaki - from "Zorba" soundtrack

Beautiful image and ethereal haiku...

Caught between clouds,
the sinking blood-red sun
trickles on the waves.

molto bello davvero, choshi sama...beautiful as well, thanks.
I apologise for my "invasions" of your pages, but your Words
too always know how to charm me - so difficult not to reply!

I don't feel invaded so please, feel free to comment freely on my pages....best wishes ~P

Море всегда прекрасно...
А у Вас особенно.

The sea is always fine...
And at you especially.

too kind of you, irisha 様...well, a seagull is naturally supposed
to be the best guide to every sea, and I am so very pleased when
Persons find this skill in me after reading my small thoughts...

Fine! One minute and sun will disappeared... I like such moment best of all, they are most... pungent, sharp.

I know what you mean, sweet taysha 様...THAT sword trespassing me.
welcome back to my pages - allow me to remind you once again that
Beauty is in the eyes of whom watches...grazie di cuore.

oh, Natasha is really sweet...I've met her in the real life so I know now...)))))

her eyes speak so clearly of her Being to my salty, windy eyes, fifi...

the las ray - will it penetrate until the very bottom?

nice, フィフィ様・・・I will tell you one thing - when
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died, he asked to only have engraved
on his tombstone this short, splendid, sharpest sentence:


a line persisting in me, all along my gull flight, through
my nights and my sequence of lives, like the most important
of targets to aim to...a "basic thought", a choice of Being...

...so YES - the last ray isn't but the first, deep in my soul.

So true, Kamome

"beauty is found within"

so true...非常に本当、tsikori 様!