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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

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(watashi ha,o-tomodachi minasama ni aisatsu shiteiru, gasshyou suru ne...youkoso o-haijin minasama)
c'est MOI qui joins les mains en saluant tous les amis haijin...qu'ils soient les bienvenus.

je me permets d'ajouter la version ROMAJI de mes kanji, car evgenyj sama vient de m'écrire
que les kanji ne sont pas toujours visibles à tous...御免なさい、gomennasai、je m'en excuse.

but - maybe a truly presomptuous attitude - all these small things were first born in japanese,
as I have already explained, for I "cannot see" a real haiku in a different language expression:
I hope friends will forgive me for my endless faults in nihongo, I'm no more than a poor student,


Current Music: silent, salty scent

please, do write English translation to all you say in other languages)))) (sinon personne ne va pas te comprendre LOOOL)))