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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
blue crystal



kesa ni boku
kaisui no you ni

this morning, I myself am transparent like seawater

well it wasn’t but an impulse to write this early morn…no more than a try
(also"over-syllabled" in the second verse, after a right and kind correction)
and once again Words were suddenly suggested by my diamond-like sea waters

Current Music: "scarborough fair", simon & garfunkel, live in N.Y. 1981

What wouldn't I give to step into this water...

I have moments when I feel like I'm transparent, and also some moments when I feel hollow like an old sea shell. It is as if the wind could blow through me.

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not only salty - water is the lymph of life, and the water
you make me drink through your words is a balm as refreshing
as the one you have just said you would dive in: come whenever
you like...who could take you SKREEKING and SPLASHING into,
better than a real seagull?... (;D

ps: hey...I bet you had never seen me drinking, admit! (:D


E' difficile essere trasparenti , tersi come i rivoli di una sorgente...
Ma l'acqua riesce a calmare l'anima e a conciliarti con il mondo!

...un tuffo nel mare e quella sensazione di 'scivolosa' frescura possono fare di te l'essere più sereno del mondo.. per quei pochi spiccioli di tempo...


This is a sea page, definitely! Too bad Internet doesn't allow sharing wind and water drops - but at least I can imagine everything so vividly due to your talent...

ps No, I've never!... :)))

It looks like colorful fruit drops (lollipop) :-) Reminds me of the Adriatic sea ... ahh! :-)

the fruit drops' box
memory of the time
when life was sweet


Divina Italia! :-)

unfortunately I'm at present going through a
not nice moment...I'm feeling these waters,
my breezes, my soft mediterranean nights,
my white family itself as a door to a lost
heaven that I'm totally unable to reach
and open now - thanks to you all for
giving me the sensation that all this
is true and real.

Be well, dear Kamome sama! (whatever it is, I hope it will be better soon...)

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Thoreau was an interesting poet, I got acquainted with some of his poetry from R.H.Blyth's books ...