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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
glorious dawn



boku no asa
gin uta o utau
oogoe de

my dawn, singin' aloud its silver song

Current Music: the voice you can hear now, so clean and clear

TRES BEAU, TROP BEAU, cher Kamome...

my lovely sea...

alas, alas... this image is the last I can see in your journal... where was I all these long monthes?.. Photobuket don't allows me see more :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I can see pages but not images, only texts.
may be it is a feature of images "posted by Photobuket"? may be they have time limit?

well, that "photobucket" sometimes happens not to
give images, but I'm checking my back pages right
now and they seem to be quite visible and clear:
no, I don't think there are time limits - although
I'm searching for some similar "image stocker", as
I suppose I will soon reach the limits on this one!

...I'll try once more another time :)

Re: my lovely sea...

GRUNT...ok, let me know how (maybe a @mailbox ?)
and I'll try show you previous ones - but it's
not all that indispensable beauty, I suppose...


beauty can't be indispensable... it is unbelievable. ever.

I'll be waiting... and may be, one happy day..