yorukamome (yorukamome) wrote,

Villon remake

François Villon, from "Ballade a s'amye", ca. 1461

"Faulse beauté qui tant me custe chier
rude en effect, ypocrite doulceur
Amour dure plus que fer a machier
nommer que puis, de ma desfaçon seur
Cherme félon, la mort d'un pauvre cuer
orgueil mussiié qui a gens met au mourir
yeulx sans pitié..."

(thou false beauty that costs me so dear, thou rough indeed hypocrite sweetness, Love lasting more than iron curb bit , named only to achieve my sure distress, Murderous charm, poor heart’s death, o covert pride that sends men to ruin, pitiless eyes...)

paper: Amalfi handmade, 120 g/mq, silk 90 %
quill: turkey, 2.3 mm
ink: nut brown, metallogallico (copper oxide)
gold leaf 23.3/4 kt on PVA
manus: bâtarde bourguignonne after Jean de Courcy
source: "Chroniques de la Bouquechardière", Rouen ca. 1470, fol. 138 recto/ 85 verso
(St. Petersburg, National Library of Russia, ex. collection Dubrowsky)
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