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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
Ithaca and (too much!) more...

what I dislike the most is my strong and childish tendency to wink too much to "hyperdecoration", which often takes me
to fall into unelegance and ugliness - well, at least when such excess doesn't end by being really ridiculous...shortly, there
were other pieces in my series "Ulysses", that I wisely have never shown - but someone liked them just as they were, and
bought a couple of these first productions...well,
the same friend has invited me for lunch today, so here I am facing my
framed "ΙΘΑΚΗ"...the text is something I can't remember now from the Odyssea:

- Amalfi handmade paper, silk 80% 340 g/mq
- gold leaf 22 kt on gesso
- Staedtler crayons
- a rag of ancient sicilian linen fabric
- natural cork from Sardegna.


IthakiLinen (2)

IthakiLinen (3)

IthakiLinen (1)


[vedi commento precedente]

You are a hard taskmaster on yourself, such a perfectionist! Yet I suppose that trying to live up to one's own exacting standards is how one keeps improving. For we who lack your expert eye, all your work looks amazing.

actually, dear snaky_poet, I'm an exaggerated perfectionist...the truth- at least
on my facebook similar pages - is that I am a total selftaught in calligraphy,
and even being...oh well, a man of some fantasy and creativity, this is not the
correct track to affirm "I'm good at writing"...so that I keep on falling in a
childish but real feeling of "comparison" - or, better, of "being read and seen
by extremely expert eyes", which makes me become so very often so very
apparently poorminded - I dislike this stupid myself, but it's a part of me
after all to access a room by silently knocking and waiting for someone
inside to tell me "come in" before stepping the doorline...

Edited at 2014-12-09 05:42 pm (UTC)