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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
Moscow bound... (2)

the second work for the Moscow Exhibition...actually, this is the final page on a series of 30 folia meant to be the corpus of my next exhibition
"ULYSSES", samples of which were already shown here on this page - Odysseos along his forced and tormented exile as seen
by different authors, from Homer to Dante, Joyce and many more: all the texts/works are aligned to form a sequence, sort of an
“emotional calligraphic path” of self-rediscovery through the eyes and the feelings of the Greek hero. The text in block capitals says

"I can't write no more ・wrecked is my hand
among floating signs ・of alphabets in a storm"

the cursive, in greek and italian, says

"the wrecked is shadow of a man for those who keep waiting for his return,
man of shadow for those who guest him overseas in a stranger hostile land"

- Fabriano ivory 100 g/m²
- Favini Calligraphy 240 g/m²
- Amalfi handmade 80% silk, 320 g/m²
- Herbin's inks/Maimeri honey based watercolours
- Lanciere vintage nibs
- gold leaf 23¾ kt on gesso and PVA
- deep yellow gold restoring ink
- watercolor crayons
- natural cork from Sardegna








Faranno un figurone (specie la calligrafia!) ;)