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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
al pueblo....

with deep apologies to the Líder Máximo I've stolen the beautiful words by Fidel Castro for a different aim - why does a calligraphy work
generally end by not being READ?...of course there are endless implications to what I have just said, even (and perhaps especially) in
our often strange world of penmen/penwomen - but I am particularly referring to the bad attitude common to a majority of anonymous
"calligraphy watchers" who only SEE an image, whether good or bad....so, here you are my last "cartoon" (the selfportrait is, as usual,
not a retouched photograph but a drawing in sepia crayons, layered with two different finish varnishes)

- Amalfi handmade paper, silk 80%, 320 g/mq
- Fabriano Twill 240 g/mq
- deep blue package paper
- gold leaf 23.3/4 kt on gesso
- Sumi black
- Herbin's inks mix
- Maimeri Tempera
- BIC blue roller pen
- turkey quill 1,5 mm
- bamboo qālām 2 mm
- Lanciere nib





The self portrait is impeccable!

wow, Wic!....it's CENTURIES since I don't hear from you...is it all ok with you & family?
I know, it's my fault as well - been through some...ehmm...let's say troubles and up 'n downs
lately - but you seemed to have completely disapeeared both from here and facebook...
I know you, so I supposed you to be having one of your long "personal moments"
when you start hating people and common life, LOL!...and I still dare believe that it
is just because of such a mood - please type me a line by the times! :)

Edited at 2014-11-07 08:39 pm (UTC)

You know me well!

Indeed, I went through a long moment of hating everything about life. Took a deep dive into the darkness of my own thoughts. Asking myself what is life all about? Life answered back in the form of Ovarian Cancer.

Life looked bleak for a few months but I'm back in good health now. My illness gave me time to pause and reevaluate my negative thoughts. Came to realize, we still live in world of duality and thus our experiences.

I understand your up 'n downs now. I used to be full of laughter and never understood depression, etc. Now I do. I grew up in a flash.

My hatred of history and life in general though has some validity, I can't go on living in the past. So, here I am, my gifted and intense artist, its good to see your works of wonder and read you once again.

Immensely grateful for your friendship.

Re: You know me well!

and I am immensely glad to read you back and in good health! \(^_^)/
but you deserve a little scolding - what do you think friends are there for?,
I can understand the moods, just as you have learned something about mine,
but serious facts are not just a mood or a simple characterial feature - anyway,
it is a true delight to know that you've gone over it and started living again
in" tomorrow"....a BIG BIG hug, Wic!

Edited at 2014-11-08 08:56 pm (UTC)

Re: You know me well!

Thanks for the hugs. You can scold me. It's okay. LOL

Hugs backatcha!