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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
Moscow bound... (1)

one of the works I'm sending to the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow, for the next Sokolniki Exhibition - as promised, it's one more
remake of that Cecco Angiolieri's "s'io fusse foco" whose previous version I didn't like: this new piece was really burnt with a direct flame,
trying to select the spots with fire effects...each line of the poem is written in a different hand, to underline in some way the different irony
and emphasis that Cecco attributed to the various figures he mentions...more, I've tried to put in the page some "suggestions":
the weakness of ancient books, the quasi-zen impermanence of an object created to last "forever" but easy prey of even minimal
external agents - say, fire or water, direct light or heat, but also the fungi and microorganisms I tried to represent - although my main
path was actually to show the incostant but firm mind of cecco, and the all-medieval faith in a simple "elemental" organisation of the universe,
which for I added the (real, historical) reproduction of an alchemical "cartula" on top left of the page.

- Fabriano ivory light, 100 g/m all q, Favini canvas, 180 g/mq, Amalfi handmade 80% silk, 240 g/mq;
- nut brown, sumi, Herbin's, Maimeri honey based gouaches;
- bamboo qalam, Brause & Lanciere nibs, brushes;
- gold leaf 23 kt on gesso, aged with bitumen judeae.







Bellissimi lavori. L'oro sulla carta bruciata assume un fascino particolare... ma a Mosca ci sei stato o ci hai mandato solo i tuoi lavori?

grazie Andy! :) macché andato - a parte che la COSA è comunque in un periodo
lavorativo per me, credo che sia anche in inverno, BRRRR! :D ...no scherzi a parte,
non potrei neppure permettermelo in questo momento, poi ti racconto un po' di
cose recenti - in ogni caso queste due opere saranno donazione fatta al museo
(a proposito, marò e che è la burocrazia russa :/ una roba che manco Equitalia
può competere!) ma la parte piacevole è che mi hanno appena detto "tutti questi
documenti servono solo all'inizio, però la prossima volta (!!!) non saranno più

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