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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
bulls 1

essays on new materials - this time it's cork, that I love so much, both rough and polished, layered together with Fabriano "Roma" 340 g/mq heavy paper and rough
sack canvases...I broke bare hand the big cortex in smaller pieces, enjoying the endless shapes and incredible similarities I kept discovering in each one of them,
so I decided I would use "the shape of shapes"...here's the first work, unbelievably looking exactly like a bull's head, to which I added the golden horn (23,3/4 kt leaf
on raised gesso), then the written background (blood-red ink stains and deep black freehand writing)...the few lines come from "Llamo al toro de España" by Miguel Hernandez:



Questo è il mio preferito: sembra la scena di un crimine ;D))

>.< GRUMPHT. ^_^

Hello dear friend of Ou An! ! To you greetings from Vitalik. ;)

ciao Vitalik! :D I'm glad to see you too on Livejournal: I like it maybe more than FaceBook, my images are visible and well posted - but you know, there is a quicker and larger "vetrina connection" there...be the welcome, I'll visit your page as soon as I have a little easy and free time (at work now)!

Happy Birthday!! :))