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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

my brand new cha-no-yu pottery, I myself designed it and a friend crafted the ceramics: as you can see, the whole service
can be put into the water bowl...a "quasi raku" work, pity that these pics are so very bad - for you pottery addicted herein:
we covered the matt items with a solid coat of light bluegray gloss and spread it over with a very lively selenium red - here's
the result, totally casual decoration excepting the few parallel lines added on the teapot and the cups.





Bellissimo, Fernando. L'avevo gia' visto su FB e ripeto abcora: super! Vorrei ben vederti fare la cerimonia...

Insomma, ci sei! :) Bello questo set.. fatti sentire qualche volta! ;)

Love it!

:) thank you, TBT!...I'm not at my best lately, a bad depression caught me around the end of may, I'm SLOOOOWLY back to normal life only now, so please forgive me for having "ignored" you both here and on FB...