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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
my own way to "zuihitsu"...


in classical japanese lyric poetry - as well as in several ukiyo-e œuvres and many other japanese art disciplines - winter snow,
moon and spring cherry blossoms are often found together in the triptych format 「雪月花 ・ setsugekka」; this peculiar feature
is supposed to originate from a verse by the chinese poet Bo Chu I ・白居易 (772-846, known in Japan as Haku Kyoi, or also
Haku Rakuten ・白楽天), where the image can be read as follows:

雪月花の時最も君を憶ふ ・ setsugekka no toki mottomo kimi o omou

when I see snow, moon, flowers
I always think of you


Emperor Fushimi (伏見院皇帝, 1265-1317):

恋しさに成り立つ中の眺目には面影ならぬ草も木も無し ・ koishisa ni naritatsu naka no nagame ni ha omokage naranu kusa mo ki mo nashi

in the midst of love, within my gaze,
in everything I can’t see but one thing:
no shade of tree, no blade of grass - only a vision of you.

I decided to write this 「uta ・ 歌」 keeping only some kanji (generally the most usual to everybody’s eye and use in the japanese
writing of those times), as it was common in all the original folia I’ve searched and seen – you can read my chosen as follows:


茶禅一味 ・ cha zen ichi mi

Tea and Zen, one flavor


The fixture of the Buddha
I bring flowers and fruit
To bottom of mountain