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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

I received the parcel coming from my friend Shiromoto Kenji San, who produces excellent quality brushes in Hiroshima - I also had
the chance, a couple of weeks ago, to buy an ancient and very good pinewood soot 「shōen boku ・松煙墨」 sumi ink...so I tried
some pieces, writing simple sequences and re-writing two of my oldest haiku:

風が家に帰る・ kaze ga uchi ni kaeru

the wind gets back home


夜を飛ぶ孤独な鴎おそれなく・ yoru o tobu kodoku na kamome osorenaku

lonely gull, doesn't fear the flight through the night


松の森とつぜんお絹二次を見る・ matsu no mori totsuzen no kinu niji o miru

pinetrees wood - sudden, silky, I see a rainbow


書道・ shodō ・ japanese calligraphy



Suberbi come al solito. Mi piace particolarmente l'ultimo anche se non so il perchè... ho parlato con Steve e domani ti spedirò una mail (ora ho troppo sonno) :)

Quick question on the subject of brushes.

Which ones do you recommend? Back when I started learning calligraphy, I ruined my basic brush, and for the last couple of years, was putting up with the split ends. Now that I do know better, I am thinking about getting a replacement. Since I am not in Japan, added bonus if folks you recommend would take paypal and ship worldwide :-)

Thank you.

hi, vardomskiy - well, i'm not actually an "expert", and more than that as a calligrapher I tend to like best the items that I believe to be more suitable to my own "wrist" and writing attitude...but I think that you will find what you need at Shiromoto San's: the firm is serious and the products come in a wide range, so there must necessarily be something suitable for you - I can't remember if I paid paypal or simple credit card, but I'm italian and Kenji San ships the whole world, in short times and good packaging.

Thank you very much! Just to confirm, you mean https://www.artbrush-hiroshima.com/ right?

right that :) and if you happen to type down two lines to Shiromoto Kenji San, say him hello for me! ;)