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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
a few more gyōshō - sōshō essays



「寒い午後お喋りかもめ手で食べる」 samui gogo ・ o-shaberi kamome ・ te de taberu

cold afternoon – chatty seagulls eat from my hand



hai no koi ・ hobo mo wasureta ・ fuyu hinata

love made of ashes,
already almost forgotten -
winter sunlight



「一人寝し長き霜夜声も無し」 hitori neshi ・ nagaki shimoyo yo ・ koe mo nashi

sleeping alone – long frosty night, not even one voice


Bellissimi! Pero' sopratutto mi piace il primo, con la calligrafia piu' "rotonda" anche se non si dice cosi, ma me lo sento guardando...la piu' "bella" di queste tre mi sembra, ,a poi anche quei sassolini....

ma sai, sono mani diverse da cui pian piano "copio" e imparo - è difficile, forse più dei kanji, trovare la propria fluidità e la propria grafía personale scrivendo in 女手 (e non per via della femminilità!)

Bellissimi lavori come sempre... avrei una proposta da farti, se sei su skype "batti un colpo" ;)

ok, ci provo appena rientro, se ti vedo online


They never eat from my hand...

but there were times when the entire flock would hover in front of me
eating a taco, and I was thinking -- "where are the dogs when you need them".


I'll tell you one thing, TBT - I deserved my "nick"name after years of common life with "my white family"...I care the gulls all along my 40 kms of coast since my 17eens, doing this service of check and patrol also for "Legambiente Italia" - I began just for a childish love, I went on because of a love grown by the days and the years...today, the ONLY accident I can say I've ever moaned of is a small a scar on my face, under my right eye, a stroke of wing by a too nervous 2,70 mt. wings opening female flock-leader whose nest I had unwillingly touched (^_^) I love dogs too, ça va sans dire, but...where do they sell those tacos?, I'd love to have some when I climb our cliffs and my whites greet me caressing my back with their splendid white protective arms - I think I'm one of the very few in the whole world who can go seaside, sit and be sure that in less than 2 mins a couple of "guardians" will come and fly over my head SKREEKING "hello, gab!" (^_^)