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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]


my dearest LJ friends, my beloved twin souls,

life continuously asks too much from us all - and the same life rarely admits how much
"she" owes us in terms of happiness and serenity: that's why we should treasure more
than all a place like this, where each one of us can find rest, joy, love and empathy.

I want you all to know how much I OWE YOU since the first time I happened to type those
few funny lines on my first LJ page, and I need to apologize with you all because of the 
billions unuseful further lines I've written about me for you to read after that...

...but, more than all, I'm here tonight to let you know how precious you all are to me, how dear
to my heart and my mind, how deeply near to my soul, how strongly rooted in my thoughts
are your never-met figures, how sweetly singing your never-heard voices, how brotherly
walking side by side with mine are your warm sheltering shadows of beautiful Persons.

I do love a sentence I was sent back in the years by a friend on her Xmas wishes'card:
"may you have and always keep Music in your heart"...allow me to say the same to you all.



Infatti sei mancato...

seeeh...perché VOI, invece, vi fate vivi due e anche tre volte
al giorno, ne? (>.<)
GRUMPHT...a proposito, vi è arrivato il mio pacchetto natalizio?

NO! Non sapevo nulla... GRAZIE! :)))))


Precious words, Gabi and stupendous art.


mmmmh...seems a grumpy moment for you too, Ma'am, HA?!?
I'm on holiday - I promise I'll spend one whole day to
write down something mine on our seashore - I'm in the
real need of a support from friends lately...

let me know when you get my small thought for your Xmas!