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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
august night


I'm so glad to be back on my beloved LJ pages!...it's been a funny and strange summer, so very short, so very busy, I haven't even had time
enough to post something herein - here you are one of the reasons why: I was asked in june to get ready for a small summer exhibition in
my birthtown, and I need to say that I wasn't all that glad of being involved in the usual "summer events' stream", also 'cause I must admit
my deep convinction that the saying "nemo propheta in patria" tells an absolute truth...I know, this behavior can too easily be read as the
sign of utmost presumption: but I dare count on your longlasting solid acquaintance with me, as well as on your good knowledge of my
being fundamentally bashful and too seriously shy - anyway, the thing got to a fine end, when I accepted because of the offer I was made
of this smalles church, one of the most ancient ones, many times restored along centuries, but actually dating back to the XIIth and
considered to be the birthplace of our main cathedral...a true "bomboniera", where I've been feeling for the whole fortnight all my works
as if they "were home": obviously, just because of my medieval scribe's attitude (all-european I must say!) to consider my work as the
product of many monks' hands and patience and craftsmen's skills, and myself a funny and amazing one-man-band...briefly, here you are
some photographs of the vernissage and some of the exhibition itself - be the most welcome and enjoy, I will love your comments!






Ti capisco, quando parli del profeta nella sua patria... e poi conosco un po' l'Italia)))) Insomma, comunque sono contenta che i tuoi BELLISSIMI lavori hanno avuto modo di essere visti e visitati... e tanto peccato di non aver potuto venire...

GRUMPHT...potevate venire, però, è stato bello,
e la location era una vera bomboniera...grazie!

Sembra che sia stato un bel vernissage... e lo so che mi odierai, ma tu diventi sempre più bianco ;)))


Quite the occasion! Fond congratulations to you. I was delighted to view the photos.

as always so very pleased to guest you here,
too kind of you for your sweet words...please
be once again the most welcome!

Hello, dear gabbiano.

Congrats! How wonderful for you and your calligraphy to be a part of this lovely summer exhibit in such a beautiful and historical setting.

What were you talking about when you had the microphone?

lol, bette dear...somebody had asked me "well, we have been knowing
you as a painter for many years, so how came that you chose to move
to such an easier and quicker way of expression?"...obviously, that
lady hadn't accessed the church yet! (^-^) thanks for your gentle
comment and your visit - yes it was a nice spot to fill with Words!


Ouan sensei, I am very happy to see you at great exhibiton. You have perfectly recovered form long slumping. You look so happy surrounding with many freiends with a lot of your arts that makes me suprised.
Any way Congratulation for your big success.

Freiendly yours,


Re: conglatulation

thanks, sakuo sensei...I would have loved to see YOU
there on that night, as well as all my beautiful LJ
friends and people - but hope is the last to die,
isn't it? maybe one day... (^-^)


Dear Ou An,
your oeuvre is outstanding.
In your exceptional exposition at Minori I got caught by the magic of your capacities and personality.
Cordiali saluti
Ernesto Laraia

Re: Wonderfull

dear ernesto,
thanks for your too big compliments - it was good to meet you
both there, and I would be sincerely pleased to guest you again
on further exhibitions: be and feel always the welcome!

ps: your work keeps on waiting for you, hangin' on my wall...(^_^)