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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
now just for fun

you know, when we sit at our working desk and feel that "taste of fun" - I mean, when we are meant to concentrate and
finally achieve something we are struggling with since too a long time, that kind of work we consider so very important
and never satisfying...the need of fun immediately jumps off our mind and hands, and we start wasting our time to trick
around with our work items until something totally different is born under our monotonous incredulous half-sleepy eyes...

...that's what I actually felt through these last days, a too lazy summer out there, still a dull weather, still a big amount of
work to do both with school and several commitments...shortly, the right time for fun to jump on my shoulder and start
tickling my childish imagination and my poor calligraphy skills - so, here you are some funny results of such "flâneries":


- kelmscott vellum 7 x 7 cms;
- gold leaf 23.1/3 kt gilded and burnished on gesso;
- shell gold;
- a laurel leaf;
- modern inks;
- Amalfi handmade paper, irregular, about 21 x 21 cms.;
- fabriano "Roma" cardboard.


- Amalfi handmade paper, irregular, approximately 19 x 38 cms.;
- Fabriano "Roma" cardboard:
- gold leaf 23.1/3 kt gilded and burnished on gesso;
- sumi ink;
- modern inks;
- text: http://yorukamome.livejournal.com/43604.html


- gold leaf 24 kt burnished on gesso on Fabriano "Roma" cardboard;
- mixed techniques on Amalfi handmade paper, irregular, approximately cms 19 x 38;
- modern inks;
- shell gold spread all over.


Hi,Kamome sama. I like the dandelion.

thanks, Valeria - and my most felt welcome back!

Thank you!:))

thank YOU for being back, "Vash" dear!

che BELLISSIMISSIMO haiku di dandelion!!!!!
e ovviamente i disegni - un GRANDE lavoro di qualita' ed eleganza!


Condivido pienamente: "dandelion" è il mio preferito!

:) ricordo che già ti piaceva il testo, mentre io preferivo l'immagine...:

I like your playful and fun works!

kindest of you as ever, bette dear - I'm checking
"new" (but I'd better say "different") paths!

I love them all - particularly the R which is my (real name) initial.

love that you love it, dear Madam (^-^)
I'd like to know your name and try some
illumination for you!

Thank you for that lovely thought! I have sent you a message with my name.