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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
more new stuff

again, some folia from my new series' - maybe the thing has slowly taken my hand a bit, but I must say I'm quite satisfied
by these new things - as I said, I've never considered my hand and eye good at working on "modern" pieces, but I wanted
(or should I say, "I felt the need") to challenge myself in this never practiced before domain: sincerely, these results don't
seem to be all that bad, but this is an absolutely personal evaluation and I'm perhaps seeming to be a damn flatterer - that's
why I'm as usual leaving to your far better eye to judge about it...so, let me please know your impressions and suggestions!

UN SASSO (from a Navajos' war song - MY HEART IS A RED BRIGHT STONE):

- approximately cms 19 x 38;
- mixed techniques on handmade papers;
- one heart-shaped small stone painted in bright red;
- gold ink;
- shell gold spread all over.


- approximately cms 19 x 38;
- kelmscott vellum cms 9 x 9;
- mixed techniques on handmade papers;
- gold leaf 23,1/3 kt. on gum ammoniac;
- gold ink;
- shell gold spread all over.

SONG OF THE SEARCH (from an Algonkin Chippewas' song):

- approximately cms 19 x 38;
- mixed techniques on two different handmade papers (Amalfi rough, Fabriano smooth);
- gold, blue, black, green ink;
- shell silver spread all over.


Superlativo come sempre... non mi dire che sono già venduti! ;))

come no....lasciamo perdere! tu poi, sempre esagerato - sono quasi robaccia,
se non in un'ottica stupidotta di "produzione diversa" che servirà (forse) giusto
a PIAZZARE qualcosa...GRUMPHT!

Edited at 2011-05-06 03:17 pm (UTC)

Secondo me li si può "piazzare" benissimo! ;)))

Seagulls! I didn't see them for a while...

...and welcome HOME! my nest is yours...

The kind of a nest that is the nicest HOME for DREAMS...