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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
...and some more...

(IN PROGRESS: Dante, INFERNO, canto V - XVIIIth century vellum; 23.1/3 kt gold leaf on gesso)

yes, the doors of my wardrobe are actually (and literally!) loaded with sheets, sketches and folia miserably taped there until
their time comes...which means, until my funny mind gets that "right dunnowhat" to achieve one or another - sincerely, I try not
to watch that side of my room: a sudden destructive sadness would take me and block my hand before being able to grasp a
pen! anyway, here you are as promised one fourth (!)"remake" and other stuff done lately...just a training essay, to try and get
back to my "fluent hand" before spring gets too old and summer begins to make me even lazier than I have been up to now!

- size 9 x 9 cms;
- Cowleys' "kelmscott";
- gold leaf 24 kt on gesso;
- inks & colors: a mix of modern and ancient: minium & lapislazzuli are XVIIth century;
- shell gold is spread all over.

Dante, INFERNO, canto V:
- Fabriano "Roma" cardboards;
- gold leaf 23.1/3 kt. on rough gesso, ungilded;
- modern inks and colors.

once again that "INTRIGUED":
- Amalfi handmade paper;
- Fabriano "Roma" cardboard;
- gold leaf 23.1/3 kt. on flat rough gesso, ungilded;
- gold ink, XVIIth century lapislazzuli blue.


Cheddire? Sicuramente tutto questo oro è affascinante... ma resto colpito dall'ultimo lavoro e dalla sua sobrietà seducente.

ti ringrazio...e ne ho ancora qualcuno, di recenti :)
la storia dell'INTRIGUED mi stava ancora "pizzicando"...

Beautiful. The last one is sooo elegant!

bluuuush bluuuuush! :D