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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
the neverending struggle...

so, here I am again - which seems the only sentence I'm able to say since months...what else could I declare to apologize
for such long silences and such little interests to my LJ friends' pages? I wish you all to know and believe I'm extremely
regular instead in visiting your beautiful posts - but most of the time I miss having time enough to "loose myself" after my
usual too long comments and "deep speeches" about everything I happen to have under my eyes...I know I often get to be
boring with that bad habit that makes me appear a stupid flatterer - you see?, once again under YOUR eyes I'm loosing
myself after wide words...ok, I'll try and be practical and propositive, here you are my latest works: I've checked my supposed
"skills" in some new domains of calligraphy (as I have often declared, I'm absolutely not good at "modern" interpretations of
the written word)...tried anyway, and in the meanwhile preparing the yearly work I would send to the SSI for the exhibition of
members' works in may - the folio I've done is a remake (a "tri-make", actually!) of one I posted back in time, and that seemed
to meet the favours of many "good-eyed" artists among LJ people; all other items are NEW for I'm trying to use more and more
of peculiar papers, starting with OUR OWN handmade Amalfi millpaper - well, up to you to decide whether it's worth or I'd better
throw away everything and step back to my MONKISH RASSURING MANUSCRIPTS...:

FAYR ROSE (after a suggestion of an unknown colleague's work):
- Amalfi handmade paper, Fabriano "Roma" cardboard, total size cms 23 x 23;
- gold leaf 23,1/3 kt. on rough gesso;
- modern inks and writing items.

- Amalfi handmade paper, Fabriano "Roma" cardboard;
- gold leaf 24 kt gilded on gesso;
- blue ink after a palette of the XVIIIth century;
- gouaches and terræ.

- vellum approximately XVth century on Amalfi handmade paper, total size cms. 23 x 23 ;
- silver leaf 925% gilded on gesso;
- modern inks and writing items.

- Kelmscott vellum (Cowley's) on Fabriano "Roma" cardboard on Amalfi handmade paper;
- glod leaf 23,1/3 kt. gilded on gesso;
- modern inks and writing items.

Practical and propositive!

Fernando! Da quanto tempo! E per essere pratici e propositivi, che meraviglia i tuoi ultimi lavori! ADORO "moon": è bellissimo... è in vendita o "SSI-only"??

Re: Practical and propositive!

sono tutti in vendita, gli SSI mi "pregio" di postarli soltanto dopo che
qualcuno ha avuto la bontà di appenderli a un muro del King's College!
...che poi - ma che domanda sarebbe? anzi, dovrei pagare io qualcuno:
credo fermamente di non essere per niente in grado di "modernare"...!

Re: Practical and propositive!

Se accetti trattative private, sentiamoci via mail o per telefono.



Re: Practical and propositive!

damn..."seriamente"?!? andiamo, l'età deve averti un po' rinco, Andy!
dammi un po' di tempo e te lo rifaccio - anzi, avevo già intenzione di
migliorare quel tema (e pure la tecnica, che qui è piuttosto "sporca")

(PS: e se proprio ti vuoi divertire - invece di propormi come dice
Padre Dante, "turpe commercio" - fammi da procacciatore di clientela!)


Edited at 2011-04-19 03:10 pm (UTC)

Re: Practical and propositive!

Con molto piacere, Fernando: dammi solo un po' di tempo per pensarmi una "strategia" vincente per proporre i tuoi lavori...

Re: Practical and propositive!

ariDAMN!...stavo editando il post ma non me lo ha permesso perchè
già c'era risposta - mi vien fatto di pensare (e scusami per il
bieco "procacciatore"!) che ognuno di noi "amici in arte" potrebbe
coinvolgere in una cosa così tutte le sue conoscenze ed estendere
il proprio "mercato" allargando anche quelli altrui - non è mica
male come idea!

(btw - ti piace questa antica espressione teatrale, IN ARTE?...ma
lo sai che risale alle compagnie girovaghe del XVI secolo?)

Re: Practical and propositive!

L'idea non è male, infatti! ;) mi piace l'espressione :D)))

I like these a lot.

(& Do not worry about your occasional silence.)

I LOVE YOU, TBT!...hee hee, only friends can be so deeply good!

hello dear friend!
love your works very much.
my favorite, the moon.
and you put together the different styles so well...traditional and modern.

do not worry about your presence here. i am not so frequent either. but all of us here, our spirits are always together as friends :)

well, bette...as you know, I sincerely dislike this strange and diffused
"new attitude" with (or shall I say AGAINST?) LiveJournal - I still feel
at home everytime I come back, both to post or to check/read/admire all
my friends' pages...maybe I'm getting too old to appreciate new spaces?
thanks for your kind words - just typed a reply to andreochka saying how
I don't think to be all that good at mixing styles...

m(_ _)m

just share away, Amigo.
No need to worry about liking or not and attitudes old or new.

m(_ _)m

grazie, TBT. deep by heart.