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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
works in progress...as usual!

the truest reason for I'm so late with my work, with my works, with posts and comments and so on...the reason for I'm ALWAYS
late - I begin to think I AM sort of a man-in-progress!...I had planned to work at many pieces together, in order to have easier and
shorter times with all the preparations (gesso, inks, colors) so that I would also have slower rythms with the writings...well, can't
say why - perhaps I'm still "contaminated" after my previous essays in "modern objects" - I ended by being late once again: to tell
the truth, I've realized how impossible it is to "plan" in such a way when my items can get to be unbelievably restless, disobedient,
stubborn...you may think I'm crazy, and maybe I am, but...have you ever tried to oblige a damn' sticky pinkish strange fluid to obey?
So, my struggle goes on, and this is the poor point I have reached at present - the "lettrines" in gold you can see below are a little
part of a wider number of "mini-folia" I'm doing now (some of them were supposed to be my Xmas' gifts to my friends, shame on
me! well, the idea of many "similar and all the same unique" pieces was too tempting, but I'm afraid I've overvalued myself...:

size - from 9 x 9 to 11 x 11 cms;
vellum - Cowleys' "kelmscott";
gilding - gold leaf 23.1/3 kt on gesso;
inks & colors - a mix of modern and ancient: minium & lapislazzuli original (XVIIth century); shell gold is spread all over.


La tua lavorazione dell'ORO è sempre
SOPRAFFINA! Se riesce ad incantarmi
tanto in fotografia non oso pensare
l'effetto che potrebbe avere su di me
dal vero: congratulazioni! :))


beh...magari non ti resta che aspettare un po'...YUP!

In tutta questa situazione ci sono pero' due cose positive:

2 (secondly))) - non ti annoi!
1 (firstly) - dalle tue mani escono delle vere BELLEZZE)
non so mai come ringraziarti per tutti i regali che ci hai fatti... no, SUL SERIO NON LO SO CHE CAVOLO POTREI REGALARTI IO DI UTILE!!!!!
percio' sono moooolto dispiaciuta (

è già il più bel regalo la tua presenza e la tua amicizia, fifinette!

Squares!I like them. There are not so many squares in nature, but there is something in a square. Magic?

How come gold, being just yellow, is good with every single color?
Those letters in gold posess power. Thank you, Kamome sama.
In the 3-d one I read: DELIGHTFUL PRECISION. Aha, that's what I was thinking before seeing it - that's why. I've almost lost my handwriting with always typing.
BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP... The ivy is a symbol of it, of course.

thanks, Val, kind of you - yes, ivy is THE most ancient symbol
of all the closest ties of love/friendship/respect etc. one has
in his life...well, I suppose it's becxause of the pure nature
of gold itself - purity can TIE to every nuance of our souls!


Офигенная новость.. Однозначно добавлю вашу страничку в закладки

Re: Прикол


Gold is pure... Right.
It's goes with everything, and... it is the catalyzer of evil. Never mind - it has nothing to do with beautiful letters.
I've just watched the documentary, titled "Collapse" on utube, and still under impression.

Early or late, it does not matter, your work is amazing at any time

Best wishes for the New Year


early or late would I read them, Paul,
your comments are always very kind:
be the welcome and keep enjoying!

Very very interesting!!

hi, TBT - yes, I too find it very interesting when I happen
to see other people's HANDS at work, no matter what kind of
an object it is...thanks for finding once again this interest
in mine! :D

oh wow! lovely works :D


Ah, this was posted when technology let me down and I was offline some weeks. Nice to see it now. I like the idea of the lettrines, even if you were late! They remind me of illuminated manuscripts.

Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth