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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

yesterday I found in my mailbox (my snail mail I mean) the big brown envelope I love to see once a season - the Society
of Scribes and Illuminators' "newsletter", where on I enjoy first of all reading the "jottings from the Chair" - that is, some
lines by the charged Hon. Chairman - well, at present this prestigious position is held by an excellent calligrapher and
BEAUTIFUL PERSON, whose friendship I treasure since the very first time I happened to find myself in it...and since
when she sits on that Chair I'm enjoying the jottings even more, not only because of friendship: her humorous "reports"
on her calligraphic activities and choices are really lovely, we come to know every step of her curious, creative mind - so,
I was TOTALLY STRUCK by the opening sentence she wrote as a start to her "jottings" on our autumn bulletin's article:
"I AM INTRIGUED AS TO WHERE IDEAS COME FROM"...well, you all friends know me, and I'm sure your brains would
follow that INTRIGUING thought just like my one did! I suddenly decided I had to write it, and that the best of these new
folia to come would be my grateful small Christmas "cadeau" to Mrs Sylvie - better to prevent you, beyond the horrid
quality of pics, I'm still running after a FAR better solution to realize the "best composition" of it, but as usual I decided
to show you these new features of my work - and, last not least, to collect and treasure as well your always precious
suggestions and impressions...HELP!

"I AM INTRIGUED AS TO WHERE IDEAS COME FROM" - by Mrs Sylvie Gokulsing FSSI, Hon. Chairman.

- approximately cms 19 x 38;
- mixed techniques on handmade papers;
- gold leaf 23,1/3 kt. on gum ammoniac;
- shell gold spread all over.

1. on a cork sheet:

2. on mounting cardboard:

3. on plain Amalfi handmade:


wow, you've been busy and creative!!
each version is unique and beautiful in their own way. i cannot choose a favorite!

the first one i think is easier for the viewer to immediately read the main quote right at first glance. the background compliments and reminds me of brain wave activity. just my own humble crazy mind's reaction.

the second one is fun for its colors and reminds me of the crazy activity that might take place in one's brain along with all other thoughts and as to the origin of where ideas come from!

i like the third one for its classy, classical, and perhaps as a whole piece of fine art to be appreciated but not necessarily to carry the specific meaning at first glance. my first impression came to the letters as one complete masterpiece, then secondly my eye reads the top and bottom lines.

thanks lots, bette...well, your reading evidently says the subtle competence of your "crazy" mind,
and I must say that my general impression is about the same - as for me, I see too a diffused
"confusion" (although the pic is very bad and my current handwriting can't be read at all), but
something in it attracts me, maybe because of my enormous distance from such a "modern"
object - I obviously like the cork version, even if it appears to be more sort of an "exercise"
lacking of movement...what I can easily see instead when looking at the third PLAIN folio,
which was born in the bored tiredness of a gray rainy afternoon and without that so peculiar
"instinctive step" that we DO know so well - gosh, dunno what to choose!, I'd better start
again with a new series...

Edited at 2010-11-24 10:53 pm (UTC)

i like what you're doing, dear.
the one thing i'm wondering about is if you deleted the center box with large cap (majuscule)??

i think the center box (majuscule) works ok for the first design but am questioning it for the second and third designs?? what do you think?

if you were to not go to the trouble of redoing another series, i would present design #1 to give.

mmmh....perhaps you're right - in a different order of thoughts, I'd say, and
not to undervalue your advice: as you know because you share this with every
image creator, I conceived the folio FOCUSED on that only "ideal letter",
which is also the right middle of the sentence itself...I need to mumble
about this new idea - thanks lots! ;)

Edited at 2010-11-25 11:52 pm (UTC)

Sono uno più bello dell'altro... come fare a decidersi? ;)

mmmh mmmmmmmh mmmmmmmmmh... (°~°) leggi qua sopra...

Edited at 2010-11-25 11:55 pm (UTC)

I asked myself, and I am intrigued very much, too. They say everything comes from nothing, or from God. It's even more intriguing.

The first one is clear, the 2 others - nice, artsy, decorative...
There is a different feeling about your works now.

just checking new paths ("new" for me!...I'm not good at this, I know,
but it's worth trying by the times) and I realize step by step how far
my beloved "trio" of HEAD,HEART,HAND is from modern forms - I do totally
agree with you, Val dear!