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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
...and funny writings!

...because these ones (I'm ready to bet you all!) are for sure UNEXPECTED: gold has a very peculiar quality,
it "takes" the hand - as we say in italian, and I would LOVE to know all the english equivalents when I happen
to type and share my POOR POOR english herein - so one feels ready to gild no matter what falls under his
hands...and I'm a seagull, under my wings I only find cliffs, searocks, stones: so why shouldn't I try?...all the works
you're goin' to see are made the same way: gilded gold leaf on gesso, gouaches, varnish over our mostly lava or
calcareous stones (you can figure out WHAT a hard work it was to treat such raw surfaces as a plain smooth sheet
or an even ancient vellum!...and SORRY again for these very bad pics, I'm realizing I NEED a damn' new camera...) :

LEGGERO (the "musical" choice comes from this odd stone I found, it has sort of a flat "feet" and can stay up itself!)

STONES ARE LIVING BEINGS (it's pure gold, here too....poor camera!)



oh i enjoy painting on stones! yours are great!

never seen the saying before -- "Stones are living beings".

gilding on stones must be very hard. but you made it look easy :)

VERY HARD, believe me!...first of all because of the nature itself
of calcareous composition (and lava can be even worser!), then the
painting items are made to suit well different "drinking" surfaces,
so that the strong absorbant power and chemical reactions make one
feel OH NO, I HAVE ENOUGH OF THAT NOW!...thank you kindest Madam!

P.S.: the "never heard saying" is mine... ;D

Edited at 2010-11-21 10:23 pm (UTC)

oh i'm glad to hear the saying is yours! so i may quote YOU!!

you are soooo much fun, gabi. what fun us artist spirits would have together :)))

be quite sure we would turn inside out this odd ol' world like a glove! :D

you are so right, we would indeed! and it will never be the same but only better :) in fact....we have done quite a good job of it already just being online together. gosh we've known each other quite a few years.

wish us all BILLIONS YEARS MORE, my dearest precious friend!

che figata! Mi piace sopratutto il secondo - e' assolutamente vero! :)))

e come no....tu prova a tirarlo in piena fronte
a un idiota e vedrai com'è vivo, HEE HEEE HEEEE!

"leggero"... :)))

carino, NE? ;)

Molto più che carino! Mi sono permesso di "twittare" il link a questo post: se riceverai commenti da anonimi lettori non ti stupire ;) (se vuoi lo cancello comunque...)

anzi, grazie e ben vengano - oh, qua la vecchiaia si
avvicina troppo, è ora di CAMBIARE MESTIERE... :D

Macchedici? Sei sempre in pole-position (i tuoi lavori ne sono fulgida dimostrazione)

appunto, vedi tu....ma chi ce deve da annà ANCORA, tutte le mattine, a
ROMPERSI con le mini-tribù? io voglio andare in pensione e starmene a
casa a calligrafare in santa pace! :D :D :D

I love the ideas
and I like how you put it together.

In my humble, it will grow much deeper.
I will keep my eyes and ears open,
as I always do (even if I do not comment).

one with "Stone-s are livin-g beings"
I wonder -- what it would feel like if
you kept words together
(you might even say livin')
it might have more flow

it's not your "humble", dearest TBT, you simply look at
a written work as a WRITTEN object...and I must admit on
my great shame that, even if I get so very upset when that
happens with my public on exhibitions (WHERE VERY FEW DO
REALLY READ A FOLIO!), I myself have sort of a natural
inclination to create VISUAL images...I mean, it's hard
for me to forget my past and my deeper nature of a painter,
so that I end by giving my objects a final general look of
what in my head/sensation I call EQUILIBRE...and, poor me,
this often comes on despite of easiness in reding! thanks
lots anyway both for your too deep goodness with me and for
the suggestion, I'll try and modify THIS sentence on a new
nice stone I've just found on the beach... ;)

A real beauty, Gabi

Wow! Excellent Work, Gabi. Toi & Moi is my favorite piece. I really like how the letter *O hooks onto the first alphabet on each stone.

Re: A real beauty, Gabi

I knew you would say that, wic...hee heee heee!