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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
new commitments, and....

new commitments, and the recent offer of a "retrospective" exhibition of my whole production at the Town Hall of my native
town: I must admit that I felt very gratified by such a tempting proposal, shouldn't I?...the "thing" is previewed to last about a
fortnight during next summer, which is even more inviting because of the high number of tourists here on the Amalfi Coast:
so, the idea of an event increasing both my personal interest in "being seen" as well as the far more practical interests of
our administrators for an event becoming the fulcrum of a relevant "tourism presences"' movement is, out of doubt, a very
valid and sensible reason to sit to my desk and produce new (and maybe "unusual" under my hands, as you will soon notice)
works...well, here you are the first ones, as usual I keep on waiting for your comments AND critics, always so precious to me:

(this is the first commitment, an official list of our mayors since 1880)


- binding parchment, France, 2nd half of XVIIth century
- approximately cms. 22,03 x 36,02
- raised gold leaf "zecchino", 24 kt. on gesso

...and the first of a long series of folia making me very doubtful and nervous: I know myself, and I know well how I'm NOT good
at all at producing "modern" things, my eye and hand and sense of composition are far from every valuable experience in this
peculiar and too wide domain where only instinctive minds can feel at real ease...but it was worth a try, for once in my life of
a medieval scribe - so I began a series of folia with different supports and techniques, mostly handmade papers and several
modern writing/coloring items...I'm sorry for the bad quality of photographs, but here you are:

"IN GIRUM IMUS NOCTE ET CONSUMIMUR IGNI" (we roam through the night and are burnt into fire):

a PALINDROMO, sentence that can also be read backwards, written in the year 497 A.D.(year 1247
"ab Urbe condita", after the foundation of Rome) by Rusticiana Patricia, wife of Severinus Boethius
and daughter of Symmachus, both senators under the early reign of Theodoricus Rex.

- Amalfi handmade paper, 240 g/mq
- approximately cms. 40 x 40
- raised gold leaf 23,1/3 kt. on gesso
- fluorescent inks, china inks, gouaches


How wonderful, coingratulations.

I feel your skills can be turned well to any style, in spite of your misgivings. It is you they want!

oh oh....is it really ME that they want?!?...
I need to run then, LOL! (:-D
thanks thanks thanks, dear, too kind of you!

i think you did a wonderful job.
its hard to work in the round.
colors are nice and its easy to read.
good form, too, gabi.

and you made a list of names on the mayors job look great, too.

did you see my LJ post?

yes 'twas hard, especially to keep sizes and hold distances on
different writings in order to fit them all together - very kind
compliments, bette dear, thanks: I posted these folia together
'cause I thought your "accustomed" and skilled eye could see
and value the differences and find the correct remarks!

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Silent is suddenly broken

The great folio has born here.
My dear maister has keep long silence on the blog.
I sincerely pleased to have such a excellent work.
Any way I must say Congratulation!!


Re: Silent is suddenly broken

I was on the point of sending you one of my
"anxious" mails - it is true that I'm missing
for long times, but you aren't all that present
as well...it feels so ood when I'm here again and
speak to you all dearest friends!...and you are one
more TOO GOOD READER of my little things... :D

Re: Silent is suddenly broken

Thank you for your kind reply.


Re: Silent is suddenly broken



Re: Silent is suddenly broken

rather silent himself
The Maestro Sakuo-san

Edited at 2010-11-23 11:53 pm (UTC)

Re: Silent is suddenly broken


che bella notizia! spero che l'estate prossima potremo venire anche noi a vedere questa mostra...

e voglio proprio vedere, GRUMPHT!...già non vi fate nemmeno SENTIRE...!

Grandi notizie! Hai sicuramente tutto il tempo per allestire una grande esibizione. Questi lavori postati sulla tua pagina sono magnifici come al solito...

Il tuo secondo lavoro qui presentato ha un che di "mandalico" :) veramente apprezzabile!

infatti mi ci sentivo un po'....sai quando hai la
netta impressione di star facendo qualcosa di GIA'
VISTO?...comunque, non me ne lamento - le foto però
fanno schifo, la macchinetta è ANDATA, dannazione!

The mandala is GREAT!
I love it.

what does the statement mean when read backwards?

absolutely the same, TBT - just turn the pic and read it around
(oh, well, I admit there's a little "trick" to make it better, imho:
I wrote the E of "et" only once to LOCK the eye on the palindrome)

What a wise thing to write palindrome in a circle. It's beautiful and makes sense, too. Reminds me of uroborus.

yes, doesn't it?