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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

rescued, yes, recovered - don't matter which word you will consider correct, it's exactely what I mean, a SAVED piece of very
ancient parchment...this small sheet dates back about the end of XVI century, I was gifted it by one of my precious friends who
works as a restorer for a famous library: he often happens to be asked to reline a book, and it's common to take away from an
ancient book some spoiled pages - obviously, the unwritten, unuseful ones, like for instance the bindings, the back of covers
and so on...well, he sent me this sheet, in horrid conditions, completely covered by the dirt of ages and badly moldy, a stinky
and sticky greygreen patina - I've spent whole days at work essaying the delicate operation of cleaning the object, with my poor
instruments and even poorer knowledge in restoration...but the miracle happened, the sheet was safe at last, although still really
HARDEST to manage with and work on; I cut it in three pieces, and tried what was meant to be a non-important piece, saying to
myself "well, it was already lost, whatever you do will be a profit in some way"...that's why I tried something far from my usual works,
something "new", even "modern" I'd say...I hope you will find my funny essay worthy a quick glance and maybe a short comment:

William Shakespeare, SONNETS, XX - XXIII


- binding parchment, irregular, approximately last quarter of XVIth century;
- raised red gold leaf on gesso, aged with a coat of "bitumen Judeæ";
- terræ, temperæ, china black ink, japanese blue;
- quill: goose;
- size ca. 15,04 x 9,03 cms;


i think its a lovely work. i really like that you restored the ancient parchment, for now it holds your energies as well. all elements are beautiful and unique.

" i really like that you restored the ancient parchment, for now it holds your energies as well"


always so kind, bette - you know how carefully (and presumptuously)
the works to be posted on LJ are "selected", and I must say that
this time I had many doubts about...true that it is not the best
among my new folia, but I keep on mumbleing on the reason for so
many friends are disappearing from these pages - so that being
here again also means for me to help this beautiful community
not to extinguish in such a silent, stupidly "desaparecido-like"

i think it is very good for us to post our arts and thoughts here; not letting LJ pass away in the darkness. i will try to continue my part.

i want so much to do my art. seems that my mom and wifey duties come before. quite frustrating for an artist and hard to say "no" to especially our youngest, ellen - 17 yrs. old. ... still needing her mama.

but yes...dear gabbiano...whom i love and adore as a dear friend...do please keep posting your heart and your art. you are a special spirit.

and so you are, bette, as special as all the dearest friends herein,
splendid Persons whose soul and spirit SPECIALNESS I treasure...you
know, I keep on thinking that I OWE LJ your presence in my life, and
such a fortunate destiny can't go lost - I too have that damn' work,
LOL!, would love to sit and create, nothing else, but life nags and
nags and NAGS me...grumpht!

may we both be able to make the time for our arts, for it is our destiny and passion to create :)

'looks fabulous!

thanks, TBT...as you can read above in my reply to b_oki,
I was in doubt - but I like lots this idea of one's own energies
MELTING to the flow of all the vibrations left by other people
from the past... ;)

Edited at 2010-10-15 07:53 pm (UTC)

Your last 2 posts are incredible. I showed them to my 6 year old daughter and tried to explain what you had done. She surprised me and was only interested in how much time and love you had put into it. Love ...ah!

without being any offensive to all friends neither to
your kindest compliment (too much, paul! blush blush!)
I must say that your daughter's question is the most
beautiful comment I've ever been gifted - more than all,
because of her ONLY 6 years!...yes, LOVE is the reason
for we are alive - kiss her and give her my cheerest
cheery cheer! :)

Wow . . . ! and Wow . . . ! again


thanks paul, too good you are! :D

I am so much enjoying having th efree moment to view your beautiful artistry.

Best wishes


thanks again, paul - love to see you back on LJ!