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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
"my dreams presage"

...just a little work, a small piece cut from an ancient vellum, I had kept it to "test" some inks I would use later
on the larger part of the sheet - began to draw a capital, I couldn't say why it was this M "longobarda", perhaps
because of its nice curvy shape - and this Shakespeare's line suddenly came to my mind, dreamy omen that
I like to refer to my "being back to my desk", as I seem to feel again into myself that "insane" push always
urgeing me to write my ideas on whatever I have under my hands...briefly, here it is, for you to enjoy:


- goat vellum, unstretched, cms 9.5 x 13.8, second half of XVIIth century;
- raised and burnished gold leaf 23,5 kt. on gesso;
- blue ink (an original of XVIIIth century) and shell gold spread.




glad to see you so much!

sorry for no more words )

we all keep on waiting for YOUR lovely works!

so nice to see you creating. lovely work, dear gabi!

i am anxious to get to my own work. my dad and his wife just left here from their visit. i cannot wait to start carving.


...AND I can't wait to see your new creations, bette dear!
after the distractions of such a short but intense summer,
autumn is back to gift us all with his soft suggestions
whispering sweetnesses and warmth - at work! (^_^)

fine art

Ouan sensei,
I watched and surprised.
Your arms are still great,keeping high level skill.
I am very pleased to see your activities on Internet.
But I am longing to touch real objects that you made.


Re: fine art

thanks, sakuo sensei - I'm sorry but I'm typing at work and this
computer hasn't got the japanese language option...hai, aki no
komoriuta ha atatakai desu ne!

Re: fine art

Thank you for your warm words.


Mi sono imbattuto per caso sul tuo LJ (purtroppo dopo la mia assenza dal web devo recuperare...) e sono rimasto a bocca aperta! Questo lavoro lascia senza fiato. Assolutamente proponibile (imho) nel caso tu stia già lavorando a quella idea di galleria virtuale della quale mi accennasti... ;)

bentornato, andy...e maledizione fatevi sentire ogni tanto, tu e fifinette,
il mio telefono è attivo e bollente per almeno 18 ore al giorno! :D
...sei come al solito troppo buono - in realtà non mi andava di "rientrare"
in LJ con un oggettACCIO, e mi è parso che 'sta cosetta potesse avere per
chi non conosce il mio lavoro un qualche ATTRAIT, se non addirittura un
valore - e comunque l'idea non è abbandonata, devo soltanto trovare il
modo di svilupparla per bene...grazie ancora, e STAMMI BENE!!! ;)

Edited at 2010-10-26 05:10 pm (UTC)