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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
"scribing around"...

in Antwerpen...


in Bruges...


in Amsterdam...


here I am again - and here you are the reasons for I've been once again ABSENT to our beautiful community: so damn' busy for two months with my
own things, yes...but the main reason were the three journeys I have been engaged with, "chaperon" to groups of our students sent abroad for their
programmed study stayings, about a fortnight or three weeks each - last september I was named as the responsible teacher in our school at this
project area, which means to become their permanent escort for the european frenchspeaking countries: the study sessions lasted about 20 days
each this time, and I was assigned to the three journeys along all the schoolyear, to Paris/Bruxelles/Antwerpen/Bruges/Amsterdam...as you can
imagine I literally dived in every occasion to approach calligraphy experiences, aimed to personal growth through museums, libraries, colleagues etc
wherever/whenever I had the chance to share and show, to learn and see and admire - I must say, the journeys were dedicated as well to a simpler
tourism, as you will realize through the photo albums linked below...a true pity that I couldn't meet any of my dear LJ friends when abroad, lots of
unfavourable coincidences - I hope I won't miss them on my next journeys!...for now, anyway, please come share my latest travels and work HERE:




Good to hear from you
and good to know you are well.

ciao, TBT...I've read many of your posts, but I often happened not to have
easy access to internet where I was - you know, there's always little time
to dedicate to such things when you're on journey - it's good as well to
speak again, be the welcome!

ma quel pezzetino di pane sulla prima!!!!!
Sono contenta per te, viaggiare e' bellissimo!
e dimmi anche perche sei cosi gnocco su tutte le foto? :)))))))))))))))))))

sono "gnocco" perchè Madre Natura non è stata buona con me,
che ci posso fare? gnocco e rospaccio, GRUMPHT!...quanto al
pane, eravamo al tavolo di un ristorante turco (ci lavorava
uno degli alunni di Antwerpen che ci aveva invitati) e stavo
scrivendo una cosa al mio simpaticissimo collega Jan...

sei anche molto stylish (non so come dire initaliano) :)

aaah...ma allora GNOCCO era un COMPLIMENTO?!?...hee heee heeee!

AAA...msterdam! Ma dicci la verità,
avevi un fotografo personale pronto
ad immortalarti in ogni momento? ;)

beh, andy....molto più di UNO, avevo un'intera squadra di reporters - hai voglia
foto, ne ho centinaia: le ragazze sparano a mille quando vanno in giro, per cui
manco ho bisogno di portarmi la mia fotocamera...me le ritrovo tutte direttamente
sul pc un paio di giorni dopo il ritorno...e ho già dovuto selezionarne un sacco!


but what pen do you work?

oh, that's a very cheap plastic fountain pen, the "trick" is to CUT THE NIB
according to my own writing angle and hand position (obviously, in different
sizes, I have many from about 1 mm. to 5 mms and more) and make it useful to
the HAND I want to write...in this case, I was just writing a BÂTARDE FLAMANDE
(ca. XVI century) I had seen there in Antwerpen on a very nice manuscript some
hours before - a "hommage à" my belgian friend.

good scribing!

letter by letter
life goes better

thank you!...

song after song
harp makes life long


I ♥ the first photograph. I see a half-eaten sandwich, a watch and a lavendar pen on the table. Adore your attire too.

thanks for the compliment...I sometimes need to
wear up like the serious teacher I'm supposed
to be, LOL!...

Love that damn scarf of yours!

You are SO sophosicated, Professor! I wear sweats pants all day long. lol. Nope- just kidding! :)))))

Re: Love that damn scarf of yours!

sophisticated, ME?!?...oh no, just pay a closer attention to ALL
the photographs, LOL! as for the scarf, I bought it in Paris and
I discovered later its label "made in italy"...YOU, instead, I'm
ready to bet that you're far smarter than you want to appear, when
you're not kidding around in those woods, hee heee heeee!


great photos of you enjoying yourself and your creativity, dear yorukamome :)

i think its wonderful for you to have these trips, too!

well, I must admit it is, bette dear...although the pay
for such a "full time engagement" (it's 24 hours a day
running after mad teens, you know, UGH!) is VERY, VERY
low and one needs to spend lots of his own...but after
all, actually, when would/could I have again such

blue storm

Good wall brushing!
And nice haiku that well convey blue spring storm.
I felt your poem as always.


Re: blue storm

too kind of you as always, sakuo sensei...I'm just
attempting to RE-DECORATE my poor house, after
the BARBARIC passage of workers for three months!
...I'll post something new in a while - only need to
give up with exams and work engagements (that is,
about the second half of july): see you later then!