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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
be the welcome, y'all!

...back to my dear LJ, again - under your eyes one of the reasons for I' ve been away for such a longEST deal of time (since Xmas, OUCH!): my new house, not completed yet,
not totally achieved the settings, but I must say I'm far better at my ease now - ok, I'm good at living as "the monk" I am by nature, but I must admit that (after all the "convent cells"
I've been living in up above hills and along rocks) it feels good to DIVE into "normal humanity" daily relationship, even being such a grumpy and lonely gull...anyway, here you are
my latest works' results, been seriously engaged in it, and - listen to my suggestion - NEVER try a moving being ALONE at that!...it was an unreal fatigue, and more than all as
it was around Xmas' holidays, and I'll let you suppose WHAT A MESS did I feel into when taking such a project for grantedly "done"...UGH! but, beyond all considerations, I'm
"downtown" now, in the full heart of my little seatown - no "panorama" by my actual balcony, but it's so very easy to walk out some 30 steps and be INTO the panorama itself!...
the blue I have chosen this time to "paint" my new nest is exactly a continuation of the BLUE outside my eternal SCRIPTORIUM, and something was added to remind me of my
third nature, the BUSHI's loneliness...ooooh, enough with words: now be the welcome, y'all!

(if you are enjoying what you see, or that you're just simply curious, and that you would like to stay and sit and waste a little of your time sipping my green tea,
please be as kind as to ring at my door HERE: http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d44/yokosan/


Hello dear gabbiano!

I LOVE your new, blue home. Decorated so lovely. You're so creative. I even like the blue door knobs and your new handmade ceramic wall lamps.

Thanks so much for the green tea and wonderful tour at Photobucket also .

Sorry I've been away from LiveJournal, too. January was the most very difficult time for me in many ways. But I'm "hoping" to be back to normal life and printmaking again. Glad your move it over and that you're closer to downtown life!


YUK!...ok, now sit breathe deep and drink your tea!
or, maybe - shall I pour for you a good BLUE glass
of fresh white wine from our hills? (;-D

Beautiful space!

How do you use the swords?

hi TBT!...well I supposed you knew, I'm a
Iaidou-ka, my discipline engages me since
and here:

Hi there,
Great to see you again :-)

but you can read above and around the reasons for:
be the welcome anyway, nice to see you again!


Edited at 2010-11-21 11:46 pm (UTC)

Eh! Adesso non mi impedire di pubblicare le foto dei tuoi deumidificatori! ;)

....e infatti le stavo aspettando, LOL!

Welcome back! And thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your beautiful new home, which looks very comfortable also. You seem to have settled in much quicker than we have. We moved between xmas and new year, but us oldies are taking the unpacking nice and slow! This means it will be some time yet before there are pictures.

oh well, "us oldies", c'mon...! I'm not all that
youngster you suppose, you know?, I'm a granddad!


I saw all of your pictures at Photobucket,http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d44/yokosan/
I could catch your sensitive works.
Good inertia designer! And great master of Calligrapher!
Nice blue color ordination.
Well matching western and oriental taste!
I never saw such heart-shocking design in Japan.

PS Who is Yokosan?

too kind of you as usual, sakuo sensei, my friend!
as for "yokosan" - I have more than ONE photobucket
album, but being among all of them a TOO LARGE
amount of images and pictures, some of them are under
different names...and my daughter GAIA (which word
means HAPPY and is in nihongo 「陽気な」) would
be correctly and familiarly called 「陽子」...ne?


Enjoy ypour new home! Looks like a great place

hey ya - ok, waiting for you on your next holiday trip...maybe to southern Italy? (;-D
...ah, btw - I should be in London on next april 17th, our scribes' association has
its Lay Members'Day at King's College/Stanford St/Waterloo: we might meet
there, wouldn't you?

It's a pleasure to visit your new home, and to see the swords and other items in your place. I liked the calligraphy you did on the humidifiers for la_tisana and her husband, too--beautiful.

you're the welcome, Yume Sama...you know? I haven't seen'em yet, LOL!

caro amico, non ho familiarità con l'estetica giapponese, la portata dei miei interessi non coincidono con il Giappone. Capisco che è consapevole del fatto che è bello e fa parte della tua vita.
Fate attenzione a questo evento http://www.koboshop.net/index.php?aid=43, mentre io ero lì e non, purtroppo, essere presenti, ma praticamente è con voi:) Tutte le domande al la_tisana

TOO KIND of you, Tati - and THANKS for the effort of translating!...
I will check it out the soonest I can...ciao, and WELCOME again!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

thanks for coming, ines...hee hee! I knew you would find
"something familiar" around the house - all the same as
I happened to find when seeing your one, NE! (;-D

Bonjour :))) Ravie de vous revoir en LJ :)
Votre "poste de travail" - ou dois-je l'appeller SRIPTORIUM? est absolument fantastique!!!! Le rêve :)))))

bienvenue, Smile!, mais trop de grands compliments pour mon "rien qu'un bureau à scribouillard"...et, je T'en prie,
s'il m'est permis - pas de vouvoyages entre collègues!...à propos de ça, il me faut avouer que j'ai commenté en
réponse à TON post des moleskines, mais je T'ai complimentée sans me rendre compte que j'étais dans la page de
inesscript...! grâce aux Kami, elle aussi avait posté SES moleskines etc, LOL!

(ps: dommage ne pas s'être rencontrés à Paris en septembre...mais je crois qu'on me re-nomme cet an aussi comme
accompagnateur du prochain groupe d'élèves en DÉPLACEMENT D'ÉCHANGE LINGUISTIQUE.)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

that's very kind of you, igor...but I won't need any hotel,
as I'm usually guest at a friends'or some school's lodging
when in Paris: it depends on the typology of our tour.

c'est bien gentil de ta part, igor, mais j'habite en général
chez des amis ou près d'une structure scolaire lorsque je me
rends à Paris: ça dépend du type de tour qu'on a choisi.

Hello again!
I was looking at your album link and wanted to ask if I could share one of your pictures on my Facebook and at melo? I commented you on the one I mean. I saw the sharing links, but I wanted your permission first. :)

...what's MELO?!? anyway, sure you can, but I sincerely wonder
WHAT could you find of "shareable" among my poor things, LOL!

Charming! You strive for perfection, surely it must drive you a tad bit crazy, no? Regardless, it is a beauty!

I've just seen an enchanting house with a nice aura...
That golden light from the entrance door and the blue accent - so smart! Really, Kamome san, you have an eye for color, harmony and balance.

thanks, Val, kind of you - it feels good to run after
all these things with the most childish attitude, I'm
sure it make the mind so very free - AGILE I would say!