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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
...hi there!

...so, I'm back. believe me, depression is one really bad mate to travel with - and I won't bother you all friends with my
depressing stories...it's true that I have a very great deal to share - true as well that I'm realizing how the best way to
share is perhaps being here again with my heart and my hands...that's why I'm only posting some images: you know, when
missing inspiration, when living in a dumb deaf dull cottonwool ball, the best thing to do (and the luckiest one can happen
to be asked for) is working on commission - it's the real birth/rebirth of these two poor folia: the first, which I was finally
able to photograph, is a work I had posted herein back in time ( http://yorukamome.livejournal.com/39656.html , where
you can find all its characteristics), small unreadable image taken by mere chance on the day this "diploma" was given;
last week I was committed the other, whose items are listed on the sample of "original certification" I'm adding,
just to show you how I use to grant and protect my works - ok, too many words once again, images can always say better...

...just let me add that I'm gonna try and say more about myself and these silent later six months of my strange life in some
next-to-come post, and to underline...damn', y'all folks, how good it feels to sit here at my PC, back at last to LJ and friends!

"GLORIA", on Cowley's calfskin manuscript vellum;

a shortcut of the capital lettrine G;

certificate on ancient goat skin, raised gold leaf, Amalfi handmade paper;

a sample of my authenticity certification, given with every folio/work I realize:


... and it's great to hear from you again! Your work always mesmerises me, thanks for sharing.
cheers, ;)

kindest of you as always, my friend!



Well come back again.
It has passed just 6 months since you disappeared from this page.
It was Dark Ages without you.

Your folio is glittering with pleasure.
Anyway I am very happy to see you here again.


Re: おめでとう

but you know how hard it is to act "like normal"
when one is in bad moods - once more, I think
I OWE to LJ and you all my friends the strenght
of "coming out" froom my depressions - and I'm
seriously promising myself never to miss all
that long again...hope I'll be able to keep my
promise - in the meanwhile, DEEP THANKS
for your kind comments!


Edited at 2009-10-30 07:15 pm (UTC)

Welcome back! ~hug~~

YEP, you all are making me feel really HUGged and cuddled, ne!


Ah, what beauty!!!
Friend, and what do you write with the calligraphy?

ciao Tati dear...as I wrote in my above lines, it's a couple of
"celebration diplomes" I was committed to realize: so, for the
St.Francis, just click on the link and you'll read its story -
as for this new one, it's a piece committed to celebrate a man
who got his "diacone dignity"...do you want to read the whole

I am interested in everything that made your hand:) And still I have a question: what pen do you work for?

well Tati...as I said many times before, I craft myself all my writing items,
within the same ancient techniques used through centuries, and I must say that
I prefer a real feather/quill...anyway (maybe you know this) nearly ALL the
ancient VELLA, like these ones you see on my pages, often don't offer a real
good support to a bird's feather after being polished and re-polished...their
surface gets to condition of instability and unequal roughness or smoothness,
so that the choice of the "right" pen gets to be a serious problem most of the
times - and, you know?, a simple unworthy plastic fountain pen, bought for few
cents at every stationer's and CARINGLY CUT, SHARPENED, SMOOTHENED
etc is the BEST for these situations...I will post only for you some photographs
of my pens and writing nibs, ok?

Edited at 2009-10-28 09:47 pm (UTC)

About yes, dear Master. write and rotin to me what instruments you use. I am a little bootmaker, and draw simple brushes and plebeian pens for a few cents :))))))))))))

Nice to see you back, and to see such gorgeous specimens of your fine work!

thanks Yume Sama - you've been posting so many beautiful
pages that I got even embarrassed to choose one and leave
a poor comment...your ones are gorgeous as well!

e' bellissiomo , proprio bellissimo! sono certa che chi ha ordinato questo lavoro rimarra senza fiato!
e' che bello vederti qui di nuovo, amico! spero che va tutto per meglio nella tua, come dici, strana vita...

beh, insomma, fifi - lo sai, non è mai facile per un "carattere sensibile"
riprendersi da situazioni di oppressione e stress...e poi, le depressioni
hanno il cattivo difetto di DURARE TROPPO A LUUUUUUUNGOOOOO,
maledizione! grazie di cuore, comunque, ma è solo la nuova foto di un
vecchio lavoro, saranno 2 anni fa - e l'altro, BAH, non sono poi tanto
sicuro che sia così buono...

Edited at 2009-10-28 05:08 pm (UTC)

spero che sta passando questo lungo periodo di depressione... tieni duro!

Exquisite, time-consuming, tedious Beauty.


oh, I can't obviously guess...all what I can say is - yes, maybe tedious to many,
for sure an enormous deal of time engaged in it, but certainly NOT "CONSUMED":
I do all this ONLY thanks to a few undeserved gifts I was born with, and I would
find it really disgusting if a gifted individual wasted them in a lonely and dumb
inactivity - that would be like throwing away one's life without ever living it fully:
to ignore these chances is in my poor opinion the most idiot behavior.

Edited at 2009-10-30 01:10 am (UTC)

well done!

uff, meno male... ero un po' preoccupato! Il "close-up" rende al meglio la precisione del tuo lavoro (eccelso come sempre) :) comunque sono d'accordo con te: "depressionis a bad mate" ;)

Re: well done!

ehi....e pensa 'n pò quanto mi sono "preoccupato" io...altro che BAD MATE,
è come camminare con un vampiro alle spalle in piena notte desolata, ne!
grazie comunque della sempre TROPPA bontà - il nuovo lavoro non ha alcun
paragone di qualità con il vecchio, e temo che per tornare a "splendere"
mi ci vorrà davvero parecchio...

Edited at 2009-10-28 07:44 pm (UTC)

Welcome back and hooray!!!

Bentornato, Gabbiano ci sei mancato! Forza e coraggio contro il vampiro, è una gran brutta bestia ma si può tenere a bada.

Un abbraccio, virtuale, ma di cuore.

ciao marina, ben ritrovata...e GRAZIE! mi dispiace di
"non aver avuto testa" abbastanza per leggere le tue
lunghe e certamente affascinanti pagine...lo farò al
più presto, promesso - anche perchè sono CURIOSO!

鴎庵 先生!


PS: × 灰=ash
○ はい

thanks, sakuo sensei...but i can't understand that
"PS: × 灰=ash ○ はい"...what were you meant to say?


Dear Ouan san

You said 灰 instead of はい.

hai 灰 is mistake, and はい is correct.


OOOOPS!....hadn't noticed that, a typo due to
some wrong IME choice - sorry, and many thanks!

Edited at 2009-10-30 07:13 pm (UTC)

taihen yokatsu ta ne!
万歳 !!