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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
...two LionHearts, lol!...


...back from London, got off the plane no more than 3 hours ago, bad weather hard flight back through a heavy clouded sky, under
a very strong seastorm - but I sincerely didn't notice much: still in excellent mood, keeping in my mind all the pleasant moments
I had at this SSI's "Lay Members' Day 2009"...so warm the welcome by friends and colleagues, and so nice to feel around such a
peculiar happening, not to mention the big honor of meeting again some of the most important names in today's calligraphy world
such as the exquisite Mrs. Sylvie Gokulsing, the sweetest Mrs Carol Huff, and the unique Mr. Denis Brown (whom to you can see
me speaking in one of the photographs linked below)...what I really needed, I'd say, in a moment of excessive "relax and laziness",
my recent after-depression status I was getting to be involved in too much...oh well, once again too many words, I will let images
speak - I need to apologize, the pics of calligraphers' works are really a few, but they were too many to report them all...and too
beautiful to make a serious selection, splendid HANDS and incredible pages of perfect letterings - so, here's the link to part of
the whole amount of pics I took (more than 2000!): http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d44/yokosan/?start=0 ...I hope you all
friends will type me two lines of your hyperappreciated comments, you all know how much I value your sensible opinions and
your sincere and "elegant eye": for once you will be able to compare my poor, too hypervalued work with so many SERIOUS
ones...be the welcome to King's College and enjoy the talents on show - such pièces deserve far more than my words!

Suddenly apeared

Dear Ouan sensei,
After short absent suddenly you appeared in London.
I was surprised very much.
I saw all of your works and audiences in your display in gallery 's pictures.
How are they splendid, I could suppose them by the brilliant countenance of the visitors who look wishing your art works to carry to their home.
Yokosan's pictures are also very fine.

Congratulation your big art display.


Re: Suddenly apeared

kind of you, sakuo sensei...I told you I was planning
this short trip to UK, after so many years I couldn't!
and it was a lovely occasion to meet again friends and
share works, opinions and stories!...I would have loved
you too to be with me!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

thank you, doc dear, for your words of kind appreciation:
yes, it was so good to feel again in the stream of "my"
things...and I would love as well to have had you all
friends there to COMPLETELY enjoy the day...why don't
we start planning for next year?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: ..why don't we start planning for next year?

italy, obviously, dear Doc!...that would be time at last,NE?actually, I'm in
Paris at the moment, as the guide/teacher of a group from my school (it's 12
pupils, mostly girls, and I'm ALONE at that, AAARGH!) - gonna type a long post
as soon as I'm back...HUGGIE HUGS to you, please pass my warmest HELLO
to all friends herein!

Edited at 2009-09-09 10:33 am (UTC)


Welcome home from a wonderful and creative occasion!

I can't wait to go look at your photos at Photobucket.

Tell that statue man on the horse behind you that "The Quill is mightier than the Sword!"

OH...and I'm so happy you got to hang out with and meet other such FINE Calligraphers as your self !!!

Bette :)

Edited at 2009-04-29 03:26 pm (UTC)

Re: Congratulations!

yes, and the quill kills far more than the blade, NE!
(^_^) I love this "wordSword" joke, you know, bette,
and I'm longing for reading your comments/impressions
after seeing the pics!

Edited at 2011-05-08 03:24 pm (UTC)

SSI's Lay Members'Day 2009

Oh! Sono molto contento anche io!
Belle foto, btw... spero che questo
possa essere solo il - PRIMO - di
numerosi posts a venire ;)

Re: SSI's Lay Members'Day 2009

beh....le RISALITE sono sempre ardue, andy...e il
Tempo a volte è la migliore malattia invece di fare
il suo dovere, da bravo, ed essere la migliore delle
medicine...stiamo a vedere - per ora, devo ammettere
che una forte SPINTA c'è stata!

London affair

I perfectly understand why you did get big success in London.
It is your long dream.
Have your pamphlet or advertising booklet referred to this fair?
If possible, I wish to know much more about this fair.

Re: London affair

sure, sakuo sensei, I will send you some materials
about...this is the yearly meeting of the Society
I belong to as a member, which sees most of us taking
part with one piece and some more works on show: and,
believe me, the best of the best in calligraphy world
is in that room - excepting me, obviously, I'm no more
than a goofy student...

Thank you Ouan sensei.
I am expecting your present that will make me enjoyed.
I will display it in my quest room where there are
your fine goods that attract visitor's interest.




Banyak Lawa-lah, Gabi.

thank you, wic...you should also teach me how to say THANKS, ne!

Edited at 2009-05-02 10:53 pm (UTC)

Térimah Kaséh means Thank you in Malay.

Ter E Ma, KA Say. That is how you pronounce (sound) it.

I will teach you basic Malay and you teach me basic French or Italian, okay? When shall we meet for classes? Let me know. Maybe we can conduct classes on FB.

...hey, ya - that would be an excellent idea, and allow
me to finally change my job, LOL!...TERIMAH KASEH then,
dear colleague, from this BANYAK-LAWA guy...hee heee!

Edited at 2009-05-04 09:06 am (UTC)


moon crash
public yawn
scientists celebrate

Re: ;D