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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

I'm being a very bad LJer lately, I know - been through some troubles because of several things goin'on,
so that I'm so very late in posting my Easter wishes...well, I happened to look again at this photo I had
recently posted on a b_oki 's page and realized that the lucky capture of that first sunray was even
luckier, as it softly ends EXACTLY on my house: what better image, to send you all my warmest thoughts of
a nice sunny spring arising from this easter time, and walking towards your hearts along that golden path?...
...so here you are, my dearest folks: may you walk that path back to reach my house in Persons, I can't wait!


御友達皆様に賛成して良い復活祭を祈ります。 明白で、暖かしくて、新しい春を楽しんでね!

夜かもめ ・ gabbiano ・ 鴎庵


Buona Pasqua, amico!

anche a voi, Fifinette!

Ancora TANTI AUGURI, "very bad LJer" (fossero tutti "bad" come te...)!! :))

seeeh...siamo tutti parecchio assenti, lately - da quando
si è sparsa quella maledetta notizia della chiusura di LJ,
pare che ci siamo andati a rifugiare un po' dovunque...in
ogni caso, io me ne sono tornato a casa mia, qua, e ci sto
sempre benissimo, NE!

Secondo me, era un falso allarme... non possono tradire un'utenza che è sinonimo (quantomeno potenziale) di 'business'. I nuovi acquirenti troveranno semplicemente un sistema per far fruttare il loro nuovo acquisto...

Lovely photo! I'm sorry for your troubles and hope things are better soon.

slowly, as usual, as for all of our things, yume dear:
at the moment, let's only focalize on our calling the
spring back...I saw you doing the same again and again
on your pages, so sorry for missing replies by my part!

Never worry about replies, Yorukamome! Everything in its time.

Happy Easter, dear gabbiano :)

may all your troubles dissolve into the ocean and turn into love.

i think the sun ray softly ends at your house because you are the chosen One! :)))

many hugs

gosh...wonder HOW SERIOUSLY DRUNK the Great
Winged Being was, if he dared choose ME, bette!

Thank you Ouan sensei.
Your sunrise is wonderful.
It tell me the joy of Easter coming.

Hope your peace and happiness with your family.