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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
finally done

so, here it is...bad the work, bad the photo, bad the mood - I've never worked in such a
negative hurry, under such a total pressure...and I still am in, my granddaughter seems
to be for true lazier than her granddad! thanks the kami, at least my work at school is
seeing a momentary pause, which allowed me to try and be on useful time to achieve and
send the folio...and now the worst fear - will Poste Italiane do what I barely avoided?


- VELLUM: Cowley's calfskin, cms 22.09 x 38.02;
- GILDING: 800% burnished silver leaf on raised gesso (armenian bole, green);
- COLOURS: indigo & violet, titanium white;
- INKS: lampblack from burnt pinewood; metallic (bronze/gold powders);
- QUILLS: hawk, medium left rower; metallic nibs;

…and, last not least, as every year we have a parallel project on display, usually called “the calligraphy wall”:
all our “bricks”, same sized and according to a proposed theme, are shown together in a nice multicoloured
puzzle – it is so very interesting to see how different people do “photograph & describe” an idea through their
skills and art!...by the way, the theme for this year is “a thought for the day”, but the only Word that suddenly
knocked to the door of my mind was perhaps the simplest one to say what I feel……”ÉLÉGANCE”:


- INK & GOLD POWDER ON HANDMADE PAPERS, cms 11.00 x 22.00.

PS:...later – I’ve just added the smallest but most important “touch” that I had stupidly forgotten – the bucket’s rope!...:



Well I think it's beautiful! And I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but that happens to be one of my favourite hexagrams! :) I like the presence of the full moon, too.

kindest of you, snakey...it's for sure not one of my best works,
but just like you I love "the well" and its endless meaningful
paths, one of my favourites too - and yes, I realized that such
a page wouldn't be REAL without mentioning Mother Moon!

Edited at 2009-03-19 12:05 am (UTC)

Ouan sensei!
What amazing work, it is!!

This purple back ground well support crown symbol.
All letters covered are not too rigid but melt in the total balance.

Thank you for your sharing.


thanks, sakuo sensei...I hadn't even noticed how the well
looked like a crown, NE! anyway, I've just added something
new - the whole work for this year, which I'd love you to
see and comment again...I'll keep waiting for your deeply
valid critics!

That color is mesmerizing and the whole piece is stunning. I think you are dissatisfied with the hexagram. Am I correct in my guessing?

no, wic...about THE WHOLE thing, you know what an attention
I used to pay to such important for me pages - and I have
been very superficial this time...but what can I do now?
the thing is done, and this post now completed with ALL
the issues I'm sending, in their final form...

Ottimo (punto) :)

ok...accetto - vieni a guardartelo INTERO mò.....

per me e' bellissimo. prima cosa: gia e' molto interessante l'idea stessa di whising well ecc. poi - i colori sono pazzeschi e stanno molto bene insieme. per quanto riguarda proprio la calligrafia, non so cosa dire perche non sono per nulla un esperto, ma mi piace:) speriamo che vincerai anche questo anno)))

mi stavo dimenticando...


Re: mi stavo dimenticando...



sinceramente, lerochka...non è certo il "vincere" che mi importa:
sono di gran lunga più contento già di poterci ANDARE, quest'anno!
finalmente ci ritorno con i miei piedi, a vedere le VERE cose belle,
che sono molto più belle e ben fatte delle mie...ma grazie comunque,
esiste senza dubbio un "livello-gusto" diverso dalla valutazione in
sé, ed anche questa è una delle cose che mi premono di più: l'avere
PERSONALITA' che si rinnova e si ritrova in tutti i miei lavori...
grazie, ne!

se ci vai, riesci a fare qualche foto? sono curiosa:)
e poi volevo aggiungere a proposito di questa tua opera: qui si sposano il moderno ed il tradizionale, l'occidente e l'oriente. ne abbiamo parlato proprio oggi con Andy:)

beh certo, questa volta 'sta pagina è stata un'idea
davvero strana - ha dell'haiga, ora che mi ci fai
pensare, ne! ma non è stato intenzionale, volevo
soltanto dedicare un bel pensiero alle Persone che
amo, e mi è sembrato carino dirlo in una forma
"fiabesca e raccontata"...però hai ragione, sai?
quanto alle foto, certo che ne sparo un bel po'!

buon viaggio allora:)


Un très jolie travail!!!! est-ce le texte, c'est quoi?

t'as raison, Smiley...le texte - qui a changé dès la première fois
que je l'ai "posté" ci-dedans - est dû à "ma belle plume", hee hee!
(tu le trouveras ici http://yorukamome.livejournal.com/#item51885
avec les premiers lay-outs), une sorte de "formule magique pour
l'usage du puits"...mais un "hymne à l'amour" enfin - merci de tes
beaux compliments, mais comme tu peux le voir ma "maîtrise" du
gesso "comptoir" n'atteint certes pas à si grands chefs-d'oeuvre...

Edited at 2009-03-19 07:06 pm (UTC)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: YOU get a time-out for your critical eye

YOU get a time-out for your critical eye
The WHOLE THING? Are you crazy? YOU are your own worst enemy, you know that Gabi! YOU are too critical of your talent and gifts.

The background color takes away any little fault that your eyes may detect. It looks as if you had a laid a piece of fine silk from the Orient, it looks more like cloth than painting. That is not easy to achieve. My mum had a sari of that color. We all wanted it when we grew up, but too bad, grandpa took it to lend it to a British Couple in the early sixties and we never saw it again.

Re: YOU get a time-out for your critical eye

ok ok....you're right, because it is true that I'm hypercritical
and "self-punishing" - but tou also know well that when I say
I MIGHT HAVE DONE BETTER I'm not lying at all, I mean that my
techniques and craftings could have done with a far higher
application etc etc...
...as for the "silk", that's EXACTLY where I was trying to get
to - and I'm afraid that only the pic GIVES the sensation,
but the REAL thing is some far from such a target...anyway,
true, I do exaggerate sometimes!...and what a pity for that
sari, it would have suited you perfectly!

Re: YOU get a time-out for your critical eye

as for the "silk", that's EXACTLY where I was trying to get
to -

Oh, YOU mean I finally get something right? LOL! It does resemble like quality silk. Exquisite if YOU ask me.


Re: YOU get a time-out for your critical eye

hee hee....I was not meant to say YOU are not right, ne!


I like the last one that is deep in moon light.
Color conditioning is well balanced.
Main folio is closed up by staged colored layers.


thank you, Maestro Sakuo!