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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
an update “in progress”

inspired by the I CHING (hexagram 48, jǐng 井, the well), the text on the background is mine:


- VELLUM: Cowley's calfskin, cms 22.09 x 38.02;
- GILDING: 800% burnished silver leaf on raised gesso (armenian bole, green);
- COLOURS: indigo & violet, titanium white;
- INKS: lampblack from burnt pinewood; metallic (bronze/gold powders);
- QUILLS: hawk, medium left rower; metallic nibs;

I’m so very late with this poor folio!...thanks the Kami, the expiring date for this entry to be admitted
to the LMD has wisely been moved to a couple of weeks later – although I’m still doubting that I’ll be able to
achieve this endless page…ok, I have endless things “in progress” at the moment, as many among you friends
know well – the “granddadness” keeping me some very anxious right now (and it seems I’m going to have a
granddaughter even lazier than I am!), we all here are getting very nervous about…that’s why I’m posting this
bad looking partial step of my slowgrowing folio: I also hate being missing on our LJ for too a long time, so I
thought that a poor “shortcut” of the vellum in its evolution would be at least of some interest for those who
have been more and more asking me “hey, are you still somewhere out there?”….:



Oh! Absolutely Mesmerizing! The Color Hypnotic! Stunning work, Gabi.

thanks wic....endless task this time, UGH!, I seem
never to find time enough to care my scriptorium as
I'd like to, ne!

Yes, very interesting to see the progress. I think it's lovely so far. I agree with Wic about the colour, also love the shape and detail of the handle, and the hexagram.

I can't wait - and I also must admit I'm very anxious
about it! - to see the end of such a FATIGUED and truly
longlasting work...never found so hard to dedicate to my

bellissimo come sempre! ma come fai ad avere un blu cosi profondo??

mi piace poi questa "granddaddness":))) good luck! a te e a Gaia!

beh, il blu è il LAPISLAZZULI delle ricette più
antiche...con un piccolo TRUCCO questa volta,
devo ammetterlo - ma sai, la qualità del vello
e la sua stessa natura non sono sempre uguali,
così bisogna di volta in volta "truccare" un po'...
grazie degli auguri, anche da parte di Gaia, ne!

Edited at 2009-03-18 01:23 am (UTC)

ah si, i segreti del mestiere...:)))

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

it isn't, doc, "metal appearance" is due to my writing
with an ink of my composition made with "shell gold"
(which is powdered gold anciently kept in a real shell,
where from its name) and powdered bronze (called this
last one PORPORINA) so that it seems glittering: you
know, a simple white would CANCEL the "night effect"...

Edited at 2009-03-18 01:21 am (UTC)

La scelta del colore è ottima: sta risultando un capolavoro!!

aspetta, aspetta...non si può mai dire, fino all'ultimo!

Yah, because you don't go to bed when you should. LOL!

Very interesting! Thank you very much!

may be I'm too late too with my words - sorry, my dear friend... hard times aren't sleeping ) but I've promised, so:

I love all your works, dear Kamome-san: the colors, the calligraphy, the materials, the way you do it... each one is an object for meditation for me. what a pity, I've never seen them first-hand!
sincerely yours,
Alla Mutelika

and in russian, of course:

спасибо за твои работы, дорогой Фернандо! жаль, что я могу судить о них только по экрану моего монитора - очень хотелось бы увидеть собственными глазами или даже подержать в руках. материалы из которых они сделаны, цвет, фактура, рисунки и каллиграфия - все вместе создает настолько гармоничный образ, что можно любоваться и медитировать над ними бесконечно.
С теплом,
Алла Мутелика