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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
...and, in the meanwhile...

...and, in the meanwhile, the apparently laziest monk I seem to have become lately is producing instead - endless attempt
to get back to a better (and younger, alas!) HAND, a sincere effort to get to the same instinctive attitude I had back in the
years: to visualize since the very first pen stroke a final quasi-material quasi tactile mental image of the folio I was goin'
ploughing along with my slow goof ox-fingers...I must admit I find it some truly harder today, must be after my stubborn
essay to get to sort of a "historical perfection", which always leads me to plough the new field with the same mood that
I've ever supposed a MiddleAges' true scribe to feel in when he was about to begin a "command" by some important
Bishop, some Queen or an Earl or alike...I'm a funny one, I know - but sometimes the miracle seems to happen, my oxes
obey quietly as quiet is an early spring dawn awaiting for the new sun: brief, here you are one new page, an italian song
dedicated by the singer to his son, by my friend to his own one on the day he gets his Degree - I hope they will like it...:

...and a shortcut of the capital LETTRINE: unfortunately, taking photographs of a gilding is always such a hopeless task...

...more than that - as I said above, I also feel in the serious need to get back (or forward, not to me to judge) to what I use
to call FLUID HAND...so, what better exercise than "measure" myself with the most difficult among all shodou styles, the
so-called "grass leave" soushou? the hardest task, although unexpert eyes may find it no more than incomprehensible
unreadable funny childish vertical lines - well, I brushed one of my old "simplest" haiku, already posted herein:



「tanpopo ha ・ watashi no yume no ・ tsubasa kana」

dandelion, amazing wings to my dreams


truly truly gorgeous to my heart's eye.
gilding photographed nicely.

good luck with your artsy-oxen ;-)
mine are behaving quite well these days.

alas...my art-studio marathon must take a break as soon as i get these last woodblock prints completed and mailed out. then its 'clean house' time.

Edited at 2009-02-21 09:38 pm (UTC)

thanks, you're too good - I must say I've had better pics
on some previous gilded objects...and, HA HA!, I too am
about to CLEANING TIME, obliged both by spring/easter
AND by the new baby coming: Gaia should get to the end
of pregnancy about the first week of march, YUK!...so
grandPa needs to get ready, hee hee hee!

i can't believe it will soon be time for your grandbaby to come!
wOw.... time is flying out to sea :))

good lucky with your cleaning and getting ready to be a Grandpa GULL!!!

i'm getting excited for you...

YUP!...although hard to really REALIZE what it's like, LOL!

Spero proprio che al dottò Davide Manzi possa proprio piacere! :) Grazie per la foto-dettaglio... un bel lavoro.

beh, ai suoi è piaciuto...e dire che ero partito con tutt'altro progetto,
dato che al Dottò di cui sopra, bravo ragazzo ed eccellente giornalista
e P.R.MAN già da prima del degree, non piacciono le robe troppo elaborate...

sopratutto e' riuscita qui la scrittura giapponese. e' davvero difficilissimo scrivere COSI, ma tu ci sei riuscito!

è PER QUELLA che mi son permesso di "convocarti"!...
il soushou è quanto di più arduo per un occidentale,
e non parliamo di QUANTO lontano dallo scriba, con la
sua estrema lentezza e ripetitività - e infatti io, saggiamente,
non mi ci ero mai azzardato...ma pare che non sia poi venuto
troppo male, NE?

Edited at 2009-02-22 09:44 pm (UTC)

e' venuto sorprendentemente bene!
una volta ero presente a una lezione di calligrafia, che dava una maestra giapponese. maestra famosa, proprio quella che qui in Italia prepara i giovani giapponesi (figli di qui vive e lavora in Italia) per gli esami in loro patria. lei ha scritto una poesia proprio in questo stile ed io mi sono meravigliata... proprio come adesso guardanto quello che hai fatto tu!:)

Two different styles, both so lovely! Your flowing sôsho is beautiful, and the first one takes me right back to Medieval days.

The gilding glows, looks truly precious.

thanks for accepting my unkind invitation, yume dear...you know,
I often miss your comment right because of your absolute MAÎTRISE
with written japanese and the correct kanji form - and, as I'm
more and more writing above in other replies, there's nothing so
hard and "far" for a western writer (and HOW MUCH MORE for
a medieval scribe!) than the soushou...so I think you're being
extremely kind to my hesitant and childish brushing!


Well, I'm no judge, really, of its goodness--I only know that I like its look very much :-)

Excellent Craftmanship

Absouletly STUNNING! I love the sparkle in the first alphabet. Why are you so mean to yourself? Actually you should applaud yourself for not giving up on all of your creative endevors, Gabi.

Excellent, work, takes alot of patience, terribly tedious, and you make it seem so effortless.

How many packs of Marlboro's did you smoke for the finished product? LOL!

Re: Excellent Craftmanship

GOSH Wic, you're right - I end by breathing WHOLE INDUSTRIAL
SKIES in passive smoking when I work...you know how it feels like,
you light the first one, turn to your work, then your hand reaches
the ashtray - and you BURN your fingers discovering it's gone,
GRUMPHT!, which means to light one more....and so on and on, YUK!

thanks indeed anyway - but you should know, after all these years
of FAMILIARITY with my pages, WHEN one work is seriously done and
carefully achieved, and when it is instead quickly and badly done,
even if I happen to work like that ONLY when I'm under some delivery
pressur...and YES again, it can get to be terribly tedious sometimes!

Edited at 2009-02-22 09:34 pm (UTC)

Oh I failed to mention, I Love that Japanese Handiwork too. Utterly divine calligraphy!

...I must say (admit, if you like better) that I LOVE
this later work, being the SOUSHOU maybe the FAREST
writing attitude if compared to the scribe's work!...

Dear, magnificent, unique Master!
I am agaze before Your talent!
Your works in medieval style delight me:
you understand, dear master,
I made off a historical faculty in Saint Petersburg,
history of Middle ages - my speciality.
Do you understand, what strings you affect,
when they do work above such subjects?!!

Tati dear...I don't know if all those Icons that I see
by the times on your pages come from your beautiful
Hand, but, sincerely...your pretty pen/brush works
are already SPLENDID in their fresh immediateness,
but if also those icons are yours, well...the great
Master is NOT me, it's YOU!

Edited at 2009-02-22 09:39 pm (UTC)

Yes, nice Master, all icons which you see on the pages of my magazine I did! And I am happy, that you estimated my work so highly :)))

Yes, I can see a smoky sky over here...LOL

Yes, I thought I saw the smog over here for awhile from all of your smoking and mine put together. ROFL.

Are you sending this as gift to your friend's son? WoW! Lucky them.

That is so very kind of you INDEED. Justin is graduating in June. Ehem Ehem Ehem. LOL LOL LOL! Hint Hint Hint!

Re: Yes, I can see a smoky sky over here...LOL

well this was not a gift of mine, but a real "order",
already delivered obviously: my friend lives straight
facing me, the other side of the road, LOL!...as for
Justin, oh oh...this is one thing to mumble about!
hee heee heeee (^_^)

Edited at 2011-12-12 12:35 am (UTC)

Yes Indeed! Utterly Divine!

NO rush for Justin. YOU have the exhibition coming up in April. You should concentrate on that ginormous project. Oh by the way, the way, how do you do the gilding? Do you melt a substance? And then do you use a brush or an instrument to decorate the subject matter? YOU should post a picture of that process, like Bette does with her woodblock printing, so I can learn.

well, wic...there are LOTSA LOTS people who "invented" themselves
as scribes - mostly, they're no more than COPIERS (underline: NOT
COPISTS, copiers I mean!) - excepting some really EXCELLENT hands
that you can also find around my comments' pages and on LJ itself:
personally, my UNIQUE MAESTRO is the GRAND Cennino Cennini, wtih
his never-forgettable "LIBRO DE L'ARTE"...and, sincerely,most of
a scribe's techniques are HIS/HER BIG SECRET! but you can see
something about these proceeds HERE ->



(btw, I'm desperately searching for these two books since more than a
couple of years, but I couldn't even reach Mr.Tresser @box, dunno why)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

too kind of you as usual, dearest Doc...no, I had the flash on,
but I suppose not to have been under an optimal light, being the
photo taken on a blanket laid on my couch, lOL!...as for the baby,
it's a girl, and I must admit I still haven't realized the fact
and the idea, which scares me a little...