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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
...a Valentine's page...

....my "wishing well" is under construction, the milkwhite sophisticated vellum sheet lays stretched by light gummed paper on a hard
cardboard on my desk, inks and pens and colours, all sort of strange funny objects around - I'm giving fire to my last cigarette and
to my tiredness, it must be about half past midnight, my eyes are closed my head wrecks in a cloud of divine azure smoke,
but something comes floating to the surface of this floating bluewinter cold night of february - a souvenir, a thought, a suddden
intense soul pain, I stand up and run to my computer, search for this old page, unreasonably decide to post it on my LJ...here's
to you Friends, old text old image found don't konw how on the same mental path, and still don't know why, this unreasonable impulse
seems not to have meaning nor reasons...:



...because we don’t get old by simply reading the hour on merciless clocks, by lazily ripping the sheets of unforgiving calendars - no, sure…& now you’ll start speaking of the body of the mirror - aren’t you? - to tell me all those words already heard, serious heavy bitter sentences...do  you perhaps think I can’t say, see, figure out all this by myself?  right,  we do suffer continuous attacks, gratuitous assaults, as our little Reason says they are - and the claws of Time are called Anxiety, Body, Fears Limits Illnesses, and Fatigue, and more, Weepings,  and Solitudes...

                 ...no.   let me tell you, my heart, that these ridiculous weapons of a false time are harmless, they will blunt without even scratching the diamond glass of your Being - I, my dear, I assert that the nightblue sapphire of your pure Mind doesn’t even know what to do with such a biological, moldy, such a simple and crude, imperfect, a so severe but so unuseful stuff...

                                                 ...I must tell you, my sweetest, that this is only pain.  serious, yes - oh I know, raw true hard, often unbearable - but no more than pain, in lower case letters, in minuscule breathings...the biology of a head too tied to her body, and maybe to the one of someone else, just diseased cells, nothing but restless neurons gone crazy - oh that bad!, what d’ya say?, this stuff is too salty, my God help me, where are my glasses?, if I were twenty years’ younger!, your skin is too wrinkly to be loved, uuuh that horrible smell of dirty of locked room...

                                  ...no.  yet no, my sweetie, no - it’s not this, getting old, that would be too a foolish natural unfair injustice, this is not enough - and the Death, then!, the great illusion...oh no, my honey, if one simplest Love defeats even the most rotting putrefaction, will you still believe to such a...a garbage bucket filled with our ghosts?  ah, my dearest…we grow old, really definitely seriously, without any hope without any salvation - only if we  become unable to see, to understand, to live the Beauty.                                                        



hello mr. sleepy and last ciggy...i love that you shared these heartfelt words and lettering beauty tonight with us. makes me feel good inside :)

i too am at my art desk. working diligently on the woodblock print every free minute. nice to hear a good friend's voice tonight.

shall I say how much I find it as well nice? it's three 'o clock A.M. here,
I'm totally unsleepy tonight (happening sometimes since I moved here, must
be after the absolute quietness of my birhtcountry?) and I'm spending hours
between my Pc and my fridge (yum yum!)....thanks for the appreciation, hope
you like the text itself too,

huggy hugs!

when i heard my email 'ding', i looked over and saw that you were awake at an early hour!

sometimes i wake at 3 a.m. too. i like a bit of cheese and maybe a small cup of chamomile tea.

i'm still at the board. sipping on cabernet (bad bette:) and eating some chocolate.

yes...i thought the text of this calligraphy was great. so down to earth yet so poetic.

happy huggies

hee hee...DING DONG!

hee hee....you're so much fun!!!


Edited at 2009-02-14 11:53 pm (UTC)

...AND you, Ma'am!...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: understand, to live the Beauty.

always and more&more thanks for YOUR exquisite words:
this time the pièce is really old, ingenuous, bad done
bad built...but as you can understand I love it like a
mother loves her weakest son beyond reasonable measure...

Interesting to read your thoughts on aging--and appreciation of beauty--and to see your beautiful calligraphy.

thanks, YumeSama...it's an old work, dunno why it jumped to my mind
while thinking about Valentine's day...I consider it more a piece
about Love, sincerely - thanks indeed!

How long did it take you to do this?

it's a very old work, wic...I can't remember exactly, but I'd say some
couple of weeks (about 2/3 hours a day, when I was back from
work) - I obviously mean to first have ALL the items done, inks
pens colours, the vellum prepared and so on...long work more than
all for the silver gilding (I remember I had a very thin sheet
continuously breaking) and the image: as you can see, it's some
elaborated, and truly SMALLER than the one you see here!

Edited at 2009-02-14 07:06 pm (UTC)

Inizialmente non lo volevo commentare... ma alla fine non sono riuscito a trattenermi: è un CAPOLAVORO come al solito. :)

...per via del testo? (la ragione reale, poi,
per cui è stato postato - non essendo a dire
il vero 'sto grandissimo capolavoro, secondo
me) beh, è comprensibile che possa originare
delle perplessità, me ne rendo conto...ma LJ
è un "luogo di moods e feelings", e questo mi
diceva la CAPA...

No, non è per via del testo... amo specialmente
la "finestrella" in basso a destra... un vero
e proprio cameo all'interno del folio (questo
mi dice la CAPA, 'LOL')!! :)

...beh, per una volta devo ammettere che piace anche a me,
e - senza piaggerie - sai che da me non me lo dico spesso!

Oh great Shyodo!!!
I bow your stong touch、 and brush movement is as like Tyhoon!
先生 これは傑作ですよ



too kind of you, sakuo sensei...本当に赤面していますね!

(^_^) ->



「tanpopo ha ・ watashi no yume no ・ tsubasa kana」

dandelion, amazing wings to my dreams

This haiku is good and moreover your shodou is good.

Thank you for sharing.


once again, your kindness is out of measure for this poor student, sakuo sensei (I had to mumble a little to realize that you're still posting
under the wrong page, hee hee!)...sorekara, doumo arigatou gozaimashita.

Edited at 2009-02-25 09:33 pm (UTC)