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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

wanna laugh, folks?...times are growing too grumpy to everybody it seems, time for a lil' fun and maybe 10 mins' relax - so, for you all to
smile and mock a little this funny fool, here you are one more "pearl" of mine: the essays for a cartoon I began to draw back in the years
(oh, 'twas the far 1999!)...in my mind - for it has never gone further, just a couple of pages - the story, named "GULL & THE TOWN", was
about a strange man ("Gull", obviously and visibly me) who moved to a Big Town he seemed to know perfectly, and to be at total ease in:
he went wandering around there day and night, discovering the reader all its secrets and mysteries, step by step along his lonely walker's
selfspeech/mumbles/moods/meeting many other odd peoples and characters...well, I felt like I had to share THIS, 'cause it sounded in
my mind (just in my imagination? well, I don't mind!) so very actual - LJ being the Town, we all folks the odds...hope you'll enjoy, and smile!


(the above TROUVAILLE comes from a large blue cardboard folder kept 'til now on the back of a wardrobe, hidden by clothes: don't know why,
I've just spent a whole evening "IndianaJones-ing" among the souvenirs I'm still stubbornly keeping and saving, my old odd rotten unuseful stuff...


I, for one, wish that it had gone further than 'just a couple of pages', it sounds like something I would have liked very much.
Besides I've a special fondness for concept art, it's raw and rough, but often very much alive, sometimes more so than the polished 'final product'.

Are you familiar with Charles De Lint's 'Newford' stories? I think you'll enjoy them

no, Marina, non conosco De Lint...pur essendo (e molto di più in passato)
un appassionato e conoscitore di fumetto e quanto c'è intorno (detto tra
noi, mi considero un amico intimo di Corto Maltese, ed ho avuto l'immenso
onore di conoscere di persona il SOMMO Hugo Pratt!) non ho mai avuto lo
stimolo giusto per saltare il fosso ed unirmi alla schiera di cartoonists, peraltro
folta e NOTEVOLE qui in Italia...e di solito, come poi si vede dalle mie cosette,
non amo molto il rough...ma QUESTO mi è sempre piaciuto, NE!

Edited at 2009-01-09 10:34 pm (UTC)

Hugo Pratt? INVIDIA!!!! Somma e brutale invidia, ma se fosse toccato a me, probabilmente avrei passato il tempo dell'incontro a fare la statua: muta e paralizzata per l'emozione...

Comunque dovesse tornarti l'ispirazione per 'Gull and the Town' qui c'è una fan.

GRUNT!!!...e lo ero, lo ero, imbranato e incollato alla seggiola del
ristorante - finché Sua Fumettezza Hugo I° il Sommo,con estrema
magnanimità, non mi ha ridacchiato in faccia, schizzando al volo
per me un Corto sul Kleenex...YUK YUUK YUUUK!


...quanto a Gull, non so se YELL HIM OUT un bello STRONZO!
o fargli credito di ENDLESS LIVELINESS, dappoiché ('azze,
come sono letterario!) ha smesso di WANDER per luoghi così
familiari e si è dato all'arte...lui dice Arte, MA VAFF'...

Edited at 2009-01-10 10:25 pm (UTC)


The gull at his best!

OUCH!...is THAT my best?


YOUR ART, Gabi. YOU are at your best when you are occupied with your hands, creating while mumbling!

(^_^) thank you, Madam! (^_^)

Edited at 2009-01-10 05:31 pm (UTC)

Interesting concept; I too wish it had gone further. I like the drawings!

well...at least once, everyone goes along her/his life through the
moment s/he must admit I MIGHT HAVE GONE FURTHER,
WHY DIDN'T I?...but in the end it is good to sit and watch the
RESTS of that time and think WELL, I WAS ABLE TO DO THIS,
SO WHY SHOULDN'T I GO FURTHER NOW?.........ain't it?

Edited at 2009-01-10 05:06 pm (UTC)

i enjoyed this very much! i agree with Marina about seeing the raw sketching. for it seems to capture the immediate creative energy of the artist. you're a very good sketcher.

it would be fun to see at least one complete adventure of the "Gull & The Town" in sketch :) but i know how easy it is to get distracted and let your main art get ignored.

thank you for this fun intermission :))) it was fun to see YOU in all your different poses and experiences around town. i can hear you grumbling :)))

...and I AM GRUMBLING, bette dear! ok, maybe I have a fair
HAND with sketching and so on, but - even thinking about it
"seriously", it would become a truly ENDLESS strip...just like
a hygienic paper roll, to say it OUT OF THE TEETH! I mean,
I might just draw my last 20 years and the work only would
need scenographic help to CUT the scenes...oh too much!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

YUK, thanks, Doc...exaggerated doc, I should say!
ok, I'm getting there the soonest, PC allowing:
got damages omn landline since a week and those
%GNZ%D/&()^PZ°*°>**!!! of the phone society still
don't knock at my door...GRUUUUUUUUUUMPHT!!!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

but my folia first, for now - and tell me what you think about this one!!!


Ouan sensei,
Wonderful picture! you are real painter as well as poet.
Super man!!

This page is the my first experience.
Am I right?


I don't understand what you mean by "first experience", sakuo sensei:
you want to say perhaps that you had never seen some "comics' drawings"
of mine before?...well, I also happened to work for the cartoon back in
my younger years, and I've kept the enjoyment and fun of that world till
now - I also was as LUCKY as to meet in Person a couple of the BIGGEST
NAMES in european/italian comics, I once had the honour of meeting the
IMMENSE Hugo pratt, whose Corto maltese I love immensely and which I
consider the highest and widest sample of CARTOON LITERATURE....nice
to know that you enjoyed it, NE!

Edited at 2009-03-14 03:29 pm (UTC)