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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
a seagull's gift

I poorly dared "measure" myself with an Art requiring far better skills than those few, little ones I'm actually supposed
to "master"...I spent last week trying to craft myself some of these ceramic pieces (japanese-like teacups, rice bowls,
small boxes and so on) to send them as Christmas' gifts to my dearest LJ friends: I know, I shouldn't even consider
such bad works a fine present, neither can they be as relevant a masterpiece as to pretend a place on our "vetrina"...
but I like to think that this is the best way I have to virtually send my Christmas wishes to all my LJ friends whose real
names, addresses, lives and "entities" aren't as known to me as those few whom I seem to "share more" with - and
that my "logo" and name「鴎・seagull」will be flying in their eyes as their names and images always fly in my heart,

gabbiano ・ 夜かもめ ・ 鴎庵


ceramic, "cotto e smalto" (natural red clay white-enameled and glazed with a transparent gloss),
Ø 10.00 x height 04.05 cms total; "scratching" technique for the logo and the「鴎・"ou"」kanji.
(with lots thanks to Maestro Vittorio Ruocco, whose laboratory I changed to a real mess!)



OH MY HEAVENS!!! Speechless!

mmmmh...naaah, just a very poor job,
imprecise and done in a crazy hurry...

Edited at 2008-12-23 06:14 pm (UTC)

Thank you for your virtual gift.
It roads me that a creative impulse.
The image of a gull is my favorite.
Your seagull feel the power and freedom.

thank you and welcome once again - as you may
have noticed, the gull isn't only a LOGO but
what I consider my REAL NAME AND BEING...

Is this your work?

Simply amazing! Your talents are endless

Best wishes


LOL!, c'mon Paul, I only dare go funnying around
and make a big mess with my friends craftsmen's
things!...and, PS: I lost your address, silly me!

Edited at 2008-12-23 06:04 pm (UTC)

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May I have a whole set? hahahaha!!!!! Just kidding!

oh gosh...I will have to work LOTS to make that...

Those are magnificent! Really lovely!

thank you, Yume Sama...too kind of your too kindhearted eyes!

Edited at 2008-12-23 10:36 pm (UTC)

caro amico...quest'anno non possiamo neanche ricambiare i i tuoi bellissimi e buonissimi regali, non ce la facciamo...(la crisi?:) ma sei sempre nel nostro pensiero! sei una persona rinascimentesca:) e' un grande onore essere amici tuoi. e poi questa super bella ceramica che fai, cavolo!!!


GRUNT, che cavolo significa "non possiamo ricambiare"?!?...
secondo me i troppi dolci ti hanno FUSA definitivamente, NE!
non c'è alcun bisogno di sentirsi in colpa per niente: come
mi insegnavano gli amici arabi, con un bellissimo proverbio,
(né grazie né prego tra amici) !


(ps: "rinascimentale"!)

Edited at 2008-12-23 11:39 pm (UTC)

Justin just took a look at a few of your entries. He said: Magnifique! However you guys say in Italian that is the word.

Have you ever thought of publishing a book with your wonderful work? I don't understand why you would not jump at this chance. I truly think that YOU are the most talented lj friend, that I have. YOUR talents are beyond measure.

All of your laboring for years truly paid off. YOUR photobucket pages look like an art gallery. I was truly impressed and so was Justin.

Oh, about being a homemaker, guess what? I just finished cooking, hubby is working late this evening, and I just got through sweeping the kitchen floor and hallways.

And by the way Chico does not bark, NO KIDDING! He growls when alarmed. We took him to the Veterinarian, out of concern. Vet said some dogs do not bark. My father-in-law wants to trade us dogs, since his dog is non-stop yapper!

Today I took a nice tour on your photobucket. Just too marvellous!

well, wic...consider that I'm a Mr.Nobody - who would run
the risk of publishing anything about a total unknown, more
than all so much self-praising?!?...friends' judgement is
kind and goodhearted, but I'm afraid it isn't enough to make
such an individual become as "famous" as to be worthy A BOOK!

Happy to accept such an unusual and beautiful gift! (To me, seagull symbolises freedom.)

in a wider sense, to me as well, snakey!
thanks for commenting my poor work,
have a nice Xmas!

Happy Christmas mate.

Does your outrageous talent know no end? ... I hope not!

Cheers, ;)

KA-BOOM!, what a compliment, LOL!
cheers and the happiest of Xmases to you, dear friend!

Oh! this is very nice ceramic bowl with fine mark of Kamome san's.
I like it.
I have one idea.
This is good for present but it's weight is heavy for postage.
So I recommend you to make small tie pin or button as like this design.
Your skill of ceramic is very excellent.


thank you, sakuo sensei...I admit I've kept this piece for
my own desk, it seems to be the best one among all those
I've tried to craft...my skills are very little in this domain!
thanks as well for the nice suggestion: you are right,
it is difficult to send such items - unfortunately,
a couple of them arrived broken into many pieces in the
hands of my friends'...I will mumble about your idea, ne!

Edited at 2009-01-09 05:49 pm (UTC)

Ouan sensei,
Small ceramic doesn't break. It is easy to modeling and baking without cracking.
Your design is very good with color tone.


oooh, as you can read above, it is NOT painted but SCRATCHED,
being this one the only crafting skill I can (uneasily!) manage with
in ceramics...which also is the reason for I'm most likely to afford
bigger pieces, as there's no room enough for scratching like that
on smaller surfaces...but I must say myself that this particular piece
came out of the oven some pretty goodlooking, because of the right
VETRINO (the transparent gloss) added in the end by M° Ruocco...

Edited at 2009-01-09 05:54 pm (UTC)

You are ceramic great master,having high technology.
Once I belonged to Alumina (Al2O3) industry that is a subsidiary of Aluminum company.
We sold alumina powder and fused alumina grain to ceramic manufacturers.
They are Kyocera, NGK and other fine ceramics company.