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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
Christmas time - what I was, what I am

such an old photograph...it was 1983, around christmas - our old house over Amalfi hills, I was sitting on my favourite
corner of the couch, enjoying a calm night at home with my always over-loved Selvaggia, thinking of our daughter who
would be born on next july 1984, trying to create my own all-personal version of Irving Berlin's "white Xmas"...


...what I was in the meanwhile (must be 2002 or around) in my old house - some tunes for a couple of english friends
on their first journey to southern Italy...lots hair more than now, poor me, and maybe lots dreams - oh, never come true
after then! - but the Old Lady always being with me, making happier my good times, soothing me in my worst moments
when only music seemed to be the magical elisir, the fairy medication for a too selfpunishing mind feeling guiltier than
it would be necessary - how far those strange times seem today!...


...what I am now, 2008, sitting on my couch on a seastormy rainy december night, fighting with my fingers in the attempt
to make them remember that sequence, while I try to remember myself and my past life...but this ugly image of old man
looking concerned, confused (scared?...well, Selvaggia is still with me) is all what I am able to concentrate on tonight...


...I needed you to forgive the poorness of my Christmas wishes - I checked YouTube, where I found this softly simple,
sweetly humble arrangement by the excellent Peo Kindgren...it surely will express way better than I could all the love
I want to say to you all Friends - beloved sisters and brothers whose beautiful paths of life I had the fortune to cross,
treasures of Art and Heart who give light and warmth and happiness to my own path...please, never allow bad times
to erase your own memories of yourselves, you are PRECIOUS to the world - you deserve the merriest Christmas
and the nicest of new years, LJ folks - my Friends.


splendid, sakuo sensei! thanks...and the good old
Kindgren shows his skills as well on SAKURA, ne!