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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
"...will you still FEED me, will you still NEED me?..."

...in order to reply to a nice recent sakuo3903‘s post, I went surfin' around the hyperuseful YouTube,
in search of some good, touching 「尺八」・ shakuhachi solo...and I was completely captured, when I
first watched this short movie: an unbelievable Robinson Crusoe who willingly sails back to “his” island
only to help his ageing with the magical soundtrack of a Japanese flute’s tunes and vibrations - the thing
itself was already so amazing...but I was suddenly and definitely hypnotized when my brother the gull flew
across the sky over Robinson’s head, mesmerized as well like his “half-human brother” (ME, I mean) by
that irresistible fascination, an old solitary man and his softest sweetest over-musical over-natural fluted
songs...I could see myself sitting there to play that flute, waiting for my further “old days” to come – so, I
said myself “kamome, let’s share this with friends, and wait for their voices and hearts and thoughts...ね?”

“when I get older losing my hair,
many years from now,
will you still be sending me a valentine,
birthday greeting, bottle of wine?...
...will you still need me,
will you still feed me,
when I'm sixty-four?”

(and, for all the irreducible incorrigible lovers of western sounds, a nicely played JapanoBritish version:)

Current Music: Lennon-McCartney, WHEN I’M SIXTY-FOUR, 1967

I like to know how you post youtube where it shows the image. I can't seem to do this but am only able to post the link?

simplest - on the right side of the video, just right-click on the line
where it says EMBED, copy and paste it into your typing post
window, then edit the page, ok? but you haven't answered my
"existential question"...


Edited at 2008-12-03 09:17 pm (UTC)

well my darling sensei you have to be patient...I am still reading your well-written post and am quite hypnotized by the sound of the ocean waves.

oh c'mon...I don't eat too much, and I'd say
I can be an useful neighbor to have around...

I've got it. Thank you.

you're welcome.


hmm...lemme think. I need to phone my consultant for advice. :D hahahahaha

hee heee heeee!

Oh thank you, I greatly enjoyed both (and went back to your friend's post that inspired you, and enjoyed that too).

'When I'm 64' ... my second husband and I used to sing that to each other in our younger days. Unfortunately it turned out that we didn't, as we separated before either of us reached that age. When my third turned 64, I quoted it to him and he didn't know what I was talking about! (But I kept him, and fed him etc. anyway. He's worth it.)

I still love the song.

thanks for coming, snakey, and glad you're enjoying it!...you know,
I must admit (I had to do to myself first, believe me!) that I've
posted such a thing, among so many other reasons, ALSO "to know if
I was worth it"...bad confession to give, but I like to be CLEAR
herein - not to say, would be sort of betraying you all friends...

I'll still need your haiga and still feed you with comments! Australia's a bit far away for anything more tangible, but if you ever get here ... :)

Of course you're worth it, friend! You enrich my life with your artistry, modesty and humour (not to mention your good looks).



(btw, WHERE do you exactly live, down there?)

Nowhere you've ever heard of. The best way to pinpoint it for you is to say the far northern coast of New South Wales, halfway between Tweed Heads and Byron Bay. Tropical or sub-tropical, depending who you're talking to. Twelve hours (by road) north of Sydney, two and a half hours south of Brisbane.

I can see your lovely, NOTICEABLE red dress
down there on GoogleEarth, LOL!...is that

hee heee heee! (^_^)

Edited at 2008-12-04 10:20 pm (UTC)

Neither, though both are close - and somewhat inland.

Pottsville Beach.

love the flute guy. he's a cool dude. i think your gull brother liked him too :))

also love the guitar song. yes! i'll still need you and feed you when we're 64....what do you like to eat other than little sea foods?

...he's COOL for sure, bette! as cool as your
PROMISE - yuk! that sentence tickles even my
vanity, LOL!...and - oh well...uhmmm...ehrr...


Ouan sensei,
I couldn't stop to cry when I heard the those melodies.
Your poetic mind has stirred me much.
I love Syakuhati as well as Syakuhati lover like you.
And thank you for letting me know sixty four melody.
I saw other players who do the same song in Youtube that all are wonderful.

doumo arigatou.


you're the welcome, sakuo, my friend!