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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

...we had a seastorm back in the years (1987, jan. 11th if my memory isn't betraying me) that we all here still consider "mythical":
highest waves, the strongest wind ever, days and nights of howling nature's voices, countless damages to everything...well, last
night we were about to see a bad REMAKE of all that, which was sincerely scary - everyone of you knowing but a little the power
of rough sea will understand that "electric", nervous, uneasy feeling, just like waiting for the end of the world: absolute, total, final
sensation of impotence while facing the strokes of a mean destiny goin' completely mad by the hours...this is only "the day after",
you know, when bad trembling childish moods seem to disappear under the first poor ray of a pale sun - but winter is here, and he
won't leave for months, his kingdom made stronger by our shuddering thoughts, by our deep fears when his nights hide the stars...



「ooshike ya ・ ware no me mae ni ・ fuyu umare」

under my eyes
winter is born



「arashi ato ・ rakka no miki ya ・ fuyu aware」

after the seastorm
a fallen trunk
winter mood

(also posted on fridayhaiku


In your prologue to the haiku--his kingdom made stronger by our shuddering thoughts--lovely. . .

yume...just like me, you seem to love lots my bad "literature" - ne!

Yes, very much!

haiku e riflessioni ad altissimo livello!
Veramente un'ottima lettura...

KA-BOOOOOM!...mi confondi - sul serio, sai?
a proposito, ho appena ESTESO il post...

Edited at 2008-12-01 10:56 pm (UTC)

I love when nature shows it power. It humbles us earthlings. That is the only time we recognize how minute, how small, how insignificant we are in the scheme of things.

Give me more earthquakes, more tsunamis, more tornadoes, cyclones, and hurricanes and you will find one wicapis smiling from ear to ear. lol


...UGH!, you STORMY MADAM...

Sometimes nature shows her awesome powers in a sort of quiet way

on a barren twig
next to an icicle
a warbler

welcome, TBT!...just extended this post
trying to "reply" to your lovely ku/image!

I am captivated by the waves slamming against the railing. Its sheer power to make humans tremble and pee in their pants. lol

oh oh...let me have a quick look at my ones...pants, I mean, YUK!

Edited at 2008-12-01 10:59 pm (UTC)

I closed my eyes, and I thought I heard you holler: Let's go for a dive!

ok, ok, wic...I'm crazy for sure - but not all THAT out of head, LOL!
BTW...I've just EXTENDED this post - come have a look!

Edited at 2008-12-01 10:57 pm (UTC)

beautiful beautiful writing, photo, and haiku....dear yoruamome :)

mmmmh....Kentucky Ladies are always so kind!

in the broken boat
splash into the sea

violins are burning
on the sand beach
oars lost