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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
purple storm

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


yuudachi ha
yoru no iro subete

a summer storm - seems to sponge out all evening’s colors

(once again, not much but deep from my heart, thanks to
my hyper-precious Sensei, Zumi Sama, for Her corrections)

Current Music: wagner,TRISTAN UND ISOLDE,"mild und leise"

ahhhh....ALWAYS such a joy to read you, Kamome...

July sunset - gives its colours to the grey city


beautiful - so let me offer you a small gift: check your own LJ page...I will try (ugh!) a translation in tanka form...and please forgive me, fifi sama - lol!

Such a dangerous beauty...

mh mh....Beauty IS pure danger, however, wherever, whatever...ne?

Mysterious yet gorgeous lightning and thunderstorm, Kamome sama. And a very beautiful haiku! The photo is unbelievable ... how could you possibly catch the moment?!

thanks for the haiku, the rest is no more than luck - well, and some patience too!...but there's one thing I hate, that all the images
we post 'round the web can anyway be "stolen" to our hands and work,
although one should be glad instead, that he's sharing such beauties with the whole world, ne?...

Yes, the copyright issue is the difficult one ... We are all vulnerable at this point, I agree... But, we do have fun of creation our own work of art -- and a (possible) plagiator just miserably deprives himself the pleasure and enjoyment :-))) So, we still win! :-)

Oh, what a foto! And haiku! I like everything.
..Exactly - Wagner :)

"...versinken...umbewüst...höchte lust..."
exactely, taisha sama - welcome back,
and thanks, precious compliments.

beautifully violent!