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yorukamome [userpic]
the wedding


...so, here we are - little to say, I'm adding a direct link to the wedding album: I just need to apologize because of the photographs' wrong sequence...


...it's my fault, I still am so goofy with internet as to be totally unable to order by a correct number the items on a webpage...


...I'm also choosing the slideshow option - but I'm afraid the best way to watch the whole album is going backwards: I can't understand
the reason why the pics were uploaded in a reverse order...


let me anyway add my welcome to the ceremony and the party: Gaia, Alessio, all the nice people around us - and I, more than them all - sincerely missed all you friends!



Congratulations Yorukamome-sama! This is your daughter, yes? She looks just beautiful, and you look most handsome as well.

thanks, kind of you, Yume Sama..."handsome", me?...
hee heee heee! I admit I was feeling lots like a
funny goofy PENGUIN, lol!

Edited at 2008-10-18 06:05 pm (UTC)

What a very good-looking person! (And the bride's beautiful too.)

thank you, snakey...LOL, it was a hard task for the toad me
to try and get to an acceptable "good-lookness" on that day!


beautiful bride, beautiful father of the bride ;-), beautiful place and view!

i've really enjoyed the photo album and will look at it many more times.

thank you so much for sharing!

Re: congratulations!!

ciao, bette, welcome...I wish I could welcome you all there!
yes, the place was awesome - I hope to post more pics when all
my friends' and the OFFICIAL photographers' ones are ready!

What you are beautiful!!!
Fairy-tale, magic fairy-tale with happy completion.

ME?!?...oh oh, I'm BLUSHING! (^_^)
no, Tati, I'm just teasing: thanks
for your kindest comment!

Mamma MIA! Che espressione contrita e al tempo dtesso solenne che ha il padre della sposa! ;D Ancora congratulazioni (More pics! More pics!)...

Scusa, ogni tanto devo ricordarmi di leggere i posts fino in fondo... ho visto lo slideshow! :-)

infatti...si ha un bel dire, ma sono comunque momenti di
grande tensione emotiva - e poi, uno sente d'un tratto il
senso (ed il peso!) della propria età e del tempo che passa,
AHI AHI AHI...grazie per gli auguri, andy!

both father and bride....gorgeous!

Oh....Ga bi! I am speechless! Just so so beautiful. WoW! You Italians know how to put on a show! Beautiful landscape as well.

YOU LOOK VERY HANDSOME and your daughter is so gorgeous!!!!

Re: both father and bride....gorgeous!

LOL, wic, "to put on a show" is EXACTLY what I was feeling like
on that sunny afternoon...AND you haven't seen yet this father
taking the bride from her home in an Amalfi square FILLED with
people/tourists/curiouses etc etc...UGH!

The first photograph is quite a sentimental shot. Life and its cyclce. Some years ago, you were holding her in your hands, when she was born and here you are now, she is grown and all you can do is hold her hand to give her away.

I want to see a picture of Gaia's mother and the bridegroom. I looked at the slides, but they are small for my old eyes. ihihih.

well, just choose the ALBUM option on photobucket - I know,
slideshow is too little!...Alessio and Gaia's mother are in
many pics, obviously - and you don't need any indications to
recognize them, LOL!

la sposa è stupenda ma il babbo...

lo è di più???? mmmmmmmmmmmhhh, io avrei scelto un altro abito, meno da pinguino...in effetti. :D Auguroni alla figliola e: preparati a spupazzare gli eredi!!!! ciao ciao (lo sai chi sono ne?)

Re: la sposa è stupenda ma il babbo...

...mmmseeeh, credo di intuirlo DALLO STILE, chi sei, ne! ma era di
pomeriggio, e una dinner jacket mi avrebbe certo APPINGUINATO
molto di più...o no? in fondo, questo (di cui ometterò l'eccellente
Marca e Fattura sartoriale per giuste ragioni di non-pubblicità...ma
tanto, lo si vede benissimo DI CHE MANO E') mi era sembrato più
adatto - e poi, potrò usarlo all'occasione come un normale abito

Edited at 2008-10-18 06:09 pm (UTC)

Beautiful (except for this guy in the middle... ;) ...).

LOL, you're actually right, TBT...I'm goin' to
ask the couple to delete him from the pic!


the guy in the middle

Edited at 2008-10-18 06:11 pm (UTC)

SO beautiful Gaia...
...beautiful couple...
...lovely you all! :)


what a pity I couldn't be a photographer at such a lovely wedding! :(
you've lost a lot of gorgeous photos! ;)

many thanks for coming and commenting so kindly...but
may I know WHOM TO I owe apologizing, and have missed
his/her art?


...oh, that was YOU, allina? sorry, you first posted
that without logging in...I'm quite SURE that we have
lost the most gorgeous photographs!


Edited at 2008-10-18 06:04 pm (UTC)


non ho commenti sei riuscito ad essere armonioso....ciao Luciano

Re: Dymblanche

grazie mille...però - a parte il Guasco, e con mio grande
rammarico, non mi vengono in mente al momento molti altri
Luciani...ci ho azzeccato? in caso contrario, me ne scuso!

You are everybody beautiful people.

thanks, DaDaSama...and we could be even more if our
LJ friends and YOU had added their lovely presence!

non ho ancora commentato questo post, ma siete proprio bellissimi...que Alto Stile, caspite!:)