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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

I posted this 俳句 longtime ago, when I was totally new to our sparkling LJ community - childish, unsteady first steps on
the 書道 path, as you can clearly see here: http://yorukamome.livejournal.com/16387.html , which I happened by chance
to re-read a couple of days ago (obviously gone, in the meanwhile, under Maestro sakuo3903 's kindest and careful
corrections)...not too many autumns have passed, but how far I seem to be from the funny man painting bamboos on that
foggy-in-my-mind september 2005! so, because of some similar moods, I've tried now a remake - "grown" japanese-like
image, different and new brush hand, different and unexperienced before soul/mind behind it - but the sensation is all the
same, I bend and bend again through the autumn winds...oh, what a chatty one I am, ね? here you are this latter version:



「aki kaze ni ・ waga yo wa shinau ・ take no you 」

through autumn wind like bamboo I bend.

(ps: I apologize for the horrid quality of scanning...)


Ricordo che Valeria mi disse "...perchè? Hai mai letto
un haiku di Fernando che non fosse un capolavoro?".
Onestamente non riesco a ricordarli tutti ma questo
corre il rischio di diventare il mio favorito! Un
capolavoro, come questi bellissimi bamboo qui
rappresentati, del resto...

eccoli, I soliti complimentONosi...
...ma tu rischi di indulgere un po' troppo alla
natura di aki-haijin: sai, mi son reso conto che chi
scrive haiku tende ad avere difficoltà nel farne di
più "allegrotti" e solari...non pare anche a te?


sono daccordo... infatti ultimamente
sto "entrando in crisi" per questo
motivo... ma è un tipo di crisi che
si presenta saltuariamente... ;-P

Re: Alas!


I love the painting and the entire haiga, in fact. (I bent like this, too.)

yes, september is such a mood-creator, NE?