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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

...time flows, silently, softly - this autumn is filling my life in such an unexpected way, no big storms yet, no strong sudden
seawinds...this beach sees a fluid passage from hot to tender mood, from noisy to musical waves' whispers - I sit in the
right middle of the world, the sketchbook on my knees, my hand slowly stains the ivory page with brown thoughts in form
of letters words poetries sentences songs...the twinkling nib doesn't scratch but just hesitates as caressing the sheet, my
gulls up above my head don't squeak out too loud their voices - in my head, then under my hands, one Word shines alone
over the magmatic foggy cloud of my thoughts, only one thought freely floats over the rough dark lake of a logorroïc myself...



「youhishi ni ・ aki no shikou o ・ tan ni kaku.」

autumn thought,
simply written
on parchment.


kind of you, my over-elegant Madam!