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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]
autumn gently coming

with my deeply felt thanks to an excellent and unknown photographer, Mrs. Irina Savkina, whose works I found by mere chance
while wandering online on this first light-rainy day of september: her nice images seemed to perfectly suit my today’s moods
and thoughts, and were so very inspiring...so let me thank her once more, and allow me to add that I’m honoured to quote the
webspace she's on, where I found and dared "steal" her beautiful photographs: http://pixdaus.com/ (you will also notice how I
shamelessly joined my signature to her original "seal", on the left bottom side of the pics).



「utsuriga ya ・boku no nureta te ・aki kosame」

lingering scent
of my wet hands
a gentle autumn rain



「hanabi kara ・ nureta kosame ya ・ kugatsu no yo」

gentle rain
painted by fireworks
september night

[also posted on fridayhaiku ]


Incredible photos, especially that first one, and exquisite haiku, both...!

It made me think:

Lingering scent
of your wet body
on my hands.

thanks, dear Paul...nice and "love-ful" your renku!
I'm so very glad to read you again, after that your
depressing self-comment "I have no Words at present"...


grazie! (^_^)

We are in early Spring here in Melbourne but your haiku and those wonderfull photos took me to Autumn for a few moments.

kindest of you, my dearest TRAVELLER'S HUSBAND...lol!

Edited at 2008-09-20 10:50 pm (UTC)

beautiful haiku, yorukamome.

and Irina Savkina's photos are equally beautiful.


yes, aren't they? it was such a lucky TROUVAILLE,
just on a wanderer's lazy afternoon at PC...!

the first photograph is breathtaking. very elegant and at the same time erotic. deserving of applause photos and haiku. nice nice nice work, Gabi.

too kind of you, wic - let's send MORE THAN HALF our applause
to the excellent Irina who inspired the whole thing, NE!

Mi ero già espresso riguardo il primo haiku
sul LJ di Sakuo (bellissimo!). Il secondo
onestamente non mi fa impazzire (invoco il
tuo perdono...). Le fotografie invece sono
eccellenti: ottima scelta per degli ottimi

assolutamente nulla da "perdonare", anzi! mi era piaciuto molto
giocare (date le due immagini così fortunosamente trovate) sul
doppio significato di 濡れた/NURETA, "bagnato" e "colorato", e
poichè ambedue avevano tantissimo di "autumn mood" le ho messe
insieme in sequenza...grazie del complimento!

Wonderful corroboration!
Beautiful photos and charming haiku!
Why could you nicely write Japanese letter with Sumi brush?
The best thing done in your work is 書道!!
満点です。manten desu.


too kind of you, 作雄先生...as you know, it's only after your careful and exquisite
presence in my life and work that I can say I'm growing some better...oh, and SO
VERY SLOWLY...you have a very bad 学生、残念だよ !


Edited at 2008-09-21 03:20 pm (UTC)

Oh, NO, No,
You are a good student, having enough patient to keep doing.
Basically you are the champion of calligraphy, so you can do Syodo,
aren't you?


sensei is always so kind with me as to choose too
big Words to say my little person..."champion" is
something far beyond my skills, but thanks lots
anyway, it feels so good to be told such a thing!

But I do belive you are very good at Japanese Shodou.
This is no oseji お世辞。