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yorukamome [userpic]



「natsu naredo ・ kouyou utau ・ ochiba kana」

fallen leaf
although still summer
sings autumn colours


beautiful photo and haiku...

....beyond words

....beyond worLds

thank you

oh no, bette...thank YOU!

the image and poem are very moving. thank you.

for you too, aitai sama...thanks for your more and more kind Words...

Gabbi, extrodinary photograph, but I am not sure what *whitered* means? Look it up in the dictionary ...no such word- it said. Elucidate me, plz.

the EXTRAORDINARY was our first summer-ending seastorm,
GRUNT!...nice, ok, but SO VERY SAD AND COLD!...about
"withered", I was meant (unluckily it seems) to say
"growing older/fade/etc"...


Bella foto! Un haiku interessante...

grazie...a volte uno ha l'impressione di ripetersi - accade anche a te?

si... ma è solo una sensazione! ;-)

tu sei proprio l'UNICO.

seeeeeh....l'unico scemo, NE!

Good I am not crazy then...

and whoops myself, I said, *Look* in the dictionary, I meant: *Looked*. I was rather surprised that Bette understood the verse. I was wondering what was wrong with me!!! ;P

Re: Good I am not crazy then...

your INTENSE SHERLOCKness?...LOL, wic, don't forget how
WE BOTH aren't native english speakers: so it's normal,
IMHO, that we use to pay a closer attention to speech!

Funny, I read "withered", seeing what the brain expected. Anyway, yes, terrific haiku and picture!

YAPP, our brain rules, NE?

Such beauty you give us with all of your posts

you sound exceptionally happy, what's up? you in love or something? ;P This photograph is out of this world, just breathtaking! Like something I would see in a travel magazine.

And your haiku excellent!

do you drive by here on your way to work? and speaking of work, when do you return to work?

Re: Such beauty you give us with all of your posts

oh sure, I'm SO VERY HAPPY, grunt!...summer's over and
work behind the corner - I'll be back next monday, sept.
the 1st - and YES, I drive by here, TRULY hard to do when
it's like that, you know? one must quickly get the rythm:
A WAVE/20 mts/A WAVE/20 mts/A WAVE...

Sorry a little!
見ゆり miyuri

見ゆる miyuru

I love this ku and dynamic image too.



Edited at 2008-08-30 11:53 pm (UTC)



My wife and daughter have just returned from a holiday in Italy and visited Minori (is that where you live?) They actually had photos of your hillside and your house must be there somewhere!
I looked for you in the background of their photos as I am sure you would have stood out clearly!
Magnificent photo and accompanying haiku. It is still Winter here but I recall the feeling when the warmth drains away at the end of Summer.

YO....gosh, that's unreal! 1) why weren't you here too with them?,
and 2) you could tell'em just to ask around of gabbiano, everyone
would point the finger and show my house...or say HE'S JUST PASSED
BY HERE TO GO SWIM - well, to make me forgive you (LOL!) now you
MUST post the pics!

Perfect picture..

too kind of you - perfect was the HIC ET NUNC
where all that was born, not the poor hands and
eyes of the photographer/haijin...

Nothing kind, just true...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Doc dear...I see that you suppose this poor gull to be
FAR MORE SKILLED than he really is in managing the LJ
features - I don't understand what you mean when saying
"would you alter your 'manage friends' option" : yiu're
in my BELOVED friends' list, which means that every post
I do and every reply I type in your spaces are signaled,
just as I happen to have all them thru my normal OutLook
as well as on my own LJ "homepage"...would you mind having
a closer look to YOUR settings with friends' new posts and
replies? I'd say it's in YOUR hands, IMHO...