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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]

...not all that nice work, but I'm not adding anything "mine" herein since too a long time - I admit
that, beyond the use of an unique piece of vellum (as usual, INDIANAJONESly gifted by a dear
friend who works in a "serious library") there's little to see and/or admire: only one thing, maybe:
it was my first time using a gum ammoniac gilding...I'm totally no good at this, as you can clearly
see - and the absolute unkindness of STEALING a suggestion by the splendid page of a splendid
scribe and friend, smilemhm, whom I need to thank and apologise with...oh well, here you are,
for your eyes and your comments - for once, you all, please be truly critical and mercilessly cruel!


Thine eyes I love, and they, as pitying me,
Knowing thy heart torments me with disdain,
Have put on black and loving mourners be,
Looking with pretty ruth upon my pain.
And truly not the morning sun of heaven
Better becomes the grey cheeks of east,
Nor that full star that ushers in the even
Doth half that glory to the sober west,
As those two mourning eyes become thy face:
O, let it then as well beseem thy heart
To mourn for me, since mourning doth thee grace,
And suit thy pity like in every part.
Then will I swear beauty herself is black
And all they foul that thy complexion lack.


turkey medium left wing rowers; steel & metal nibs;
natural pigments, terræ, arabic gum, cinders of marine pinewood;
gum ammoniac; black armenian bole;
leaf gold 23 kt.1/3;
late "bâtarde anglaise", 2nd quarter of the XVIth century
(ca. 1530), after samples from the Oxford Bodleian Library;
vellum (goat), irregular - Italy, ca.XVI century, approximately cms 19.03 x 14.04


Chiedi "mercilessly cruel"? Beh...
la foto non mi sembra un granchè... onestamente, non riesco ad apprezzare il lavoro al meglio: si potrebbe vederne un'altra?

E poi... io scrivo un "TRITTICO" di haiku sui venti marini e tu non ti degni neanche di visitare il mio JOURNAL, heinz?


meritatissimo cazziatone, andy, e giusta osservazione:
A) mi credi, se dico che ho notato per la prima volta
il tuo "trittico" poco fa, e solo grazie alla foto con
la barca? non ho "frequentato" molto LJ, ultimamente,
se non per qualche saluto veloce....&,
B) non ne ho, altre foto, il folio è già consegnato
al cliente - ma sinceramente non merita molto, l'ho
davvero postato perchè non mettevo niente qua dentro
da un secolo...OK, PARDON, rimedierò prestissimo!


che peccato... sono rimasto colpito dall'oro, veramente esuberante a prima vista. Io credo che l'intero lavoro meritasse di essere visto meglio!

Re: alas!

beh, forse - come puoi leggere nel reply a smilemhm, ho tentato
di usare l'altra tecnica su base gomma ammoniaca, che non consente BRUNITURE
dei metalli, ma soltanto pulitura a cotone e un parziale "invecchiamento" a
bitume liquido (tipo icona, per intenderci)...ma non è evidentemente ancora
mio SKILL, dovrò lavorarci su molto: il vero peccato è proprio per l'oro,
quella caratura può dare esiti davvero splendenti, come hai forse già visto
in altri folia...oh, se deve da ritentà!

Bravo! Mais quelle jolie batarde anglaise!!! J'aimerai bien avoir une main ainsi legere pour ascenders et descenders...
Si j'ai bien compris, t'as pas utilisé le gesso, mais la gomme arabique? la surface semble un peu peu "grains de sable", non? c'est peu etre la photo... est-ce que tu peux me traduire qu'est-ce que tu as dit à propos de moi? :) mon anglais laisse vraiment à desirer...
Sinon, un très jolie travail!!!

ciao, MadameSmile!
oui, "grain de sable", malgré tous mes essais de POLIR au coton, et
la photo sans doute horrible, la seule chose à une quelque valeur
étant justement la GRAPHIA - mais il faut aussi tenir compte que
la QUALITÉ elle-même du vellum m'a permis de reproduire "à un bon
niveau" l'aspect d'un original de la période - ce qui améliore TROP
les jugements et considérations autrui...ne trouves-tu pas? enfin,
comme on dit chez nous, C'EST LES BONS OUTILS QUI FONT LE MAÎTRE"...
quant à TRADUIRE pour toi (et mes adjectifs n'en ont point besoin,
voilà!) j'ai écrit qu'il faut que je m'excuse avec toi pour t'avoir
VOLÉ l'idée de la "bête" ornamentale qui FAIT la lettrine...encore,
ta MAIN est aussi splendide que sa propriétaire - et tu sais bien que
je suis avare de compliments lorsqu'il s'agît de "notre art", voyons!

i about fell out of my chair just now because this is absolutely stunning work, dear yorukamome!

are your turkey feathers from Italy?

and you even used marine pinewood....oh my goodness...that is so amazing. did you burn the wood yourself?

i love the irregular vellum. that adds to the EROTIC beauty.

oh c'mon, Kentucky Ma'am...you always make me BLUUUUSH!
yes, turkeys are in the farm of a friend, and I had to
wait LOTS for these feathers getting old enough to be
used - cenders are in the composition of writing inks,
and I must say that this peculiar one was a success for
me, it has the RIGHT colour and NUANCE: yes, (when I
"GO FOR WOOD") I burn the woods separately and VERY
SLOWLY in beer cans and grind them into a soapstone
mortar, getting totally dirty and black-dusty...which
sounds not all that EROTIC as the final result, LOL!

well i'm glad you have Italian turkeys over there to supply your quilling needs!

i enjoyed hearing that you get dirty making your cinders. sometimes art isn't all that glamorous, but still quite 'sexy' when artists work with such traditional preparations :)

from one who really appreciates traditional techniques :)

YAPP, Ma'am...I always figured myself how you get to an absolute
dirtiness when you ink those incredibly beautiful woodblocks , LOL!
...maybe fascinating paths our ones, but - believe me! - turkeys are
NOT so kind and easy to run after, and their treat to the ARTIST can
be said at least "almost unkind"...

yes, i have gotten a 'little' dirty inking and printing...and a few cuts from carving :) but i can't say that i've had to chase any turkeys around!

God Bless THE ARTIST!....AMEN :)))

...well, you can truly say that LOOOUUUUUD, bette!...


have a super weekend!

oh my goodness....i just had this silly thought....

at least you don't have to chase after the goat and skin it, too!

hee hee

oh GOSH...I had never mumbled about THAT - thanks
the kami, someone makes that stuff for me, LOL!


don't you think that Gabbi is from time past? all of his works remind me of a past history.

yes, i do believe you're right! :))))

YUP!...and tell me, both ya Ma'ams...what century d'ya suppose I'm coming from?

during the French Renaissance Period, so it should be somewhere between the 13th and 17th. century.

I myself have often mumbled about WHAT TIME I would
be the most appropriate for - but I'm too lazy and
accustomed to comforts to choose, LOL! I'd say you
are right, anyway...

i love this user pic of you gorgeous!

I agree, bette!

I agree with Bette.

UMPHT, don't tease us, wic - we were meant YOUR userpic!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

"SMUDGY"...?!? hee heee heeee!
no candlelight, no dark monk cells, LOL!, my dearest Doc...here you
are the WHOLE REPORTAGE on my working place, OUTSIDE & INSIDE, if
you're as patient as to scroll the whole comments' pages, YUK!