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June 2016
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yorukamome [userpic]


(see more here: http://s304.photobucket.com/albums/nn197/amalfitana/)

our great marine historical contest today in Amalfi, my daughter takes part to the splendid parade of the four italian
REPUBBLICHE MARINARE, Amalfi, Genova, Pisa and Venezia - I myself had to wear a costume but in the end I
couldn't, because of a previously taken engagement, so I got a seat on the authorities' platform (^_^) and watched
the REGATA, then reached her to take a couple of pics and have a coffee...we had to SWIM over the INCREDIBLE
crowd to get to a bar in the square!...so welcome you all friends, wish you were there with us to enjoy and have fun!

(ps: OUR pics are at the end of this photobucket album, if the "remix" appears too small on your PC)


Awesome! She is very pretty. And it's always great to see a father with his children.

YUK, stef...thinking of Gaia as a "child" is some hard for me today, LOL!
thanks indeed for your always kindEST compliments, but this time I can't
sincerely say IT WAS MY SKILL, as the pic shows so very clearly, LOLOL!

Mi sono gustato lo "Slideshow"...


ecco...e se venivi a gustartelo LIVE era meglio, NE!

Ahh... magari!! :-(

you daughter looks like a medieval princess!

well...you can't know HOW TRUE what you said, LOL!...

ah so...even I can be right sometimes. now, could I kindly ask you to post a photo of your ex-wife. I'd like to see if Gaia resembles mum or dad or both. P L E A S E!???? Purdy please.

by the way, her eyes look like yours somewhat...but yours are a little devious---hahaha. JUST KIDDING!

YAPP, I know...and unfortunately I haven't any pics of
wife on my PC at the moment, I should take some from
my old family albums and scan them...I'll send you some
by personal mail, ok? as you can understand, until it's
daughter no problem, but I don't like to "touch" privacy
of other people...NE?

ok. via e-mail. no problemo! Grazie.

wow, daughter is an absolute goddess! and you're pretty great looking, too ;-)

i loved the photos of the historical celebration and parade.

thanks so much for sharing!

thanks for your kindEST compliment, bette dear - it is
a pleasure, when I can share good moments with friends!

(vabe, anche tu:)))

ecco, volevo ben dire....hee heee heee!



You guys look great together :-)

YUP...thanks indeed, 夢様!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

thanks, Doc...actually, our likeness can
mostly be seen in our eyes, you're right!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

thanks indeed , Doc dear!...now you should feel
OBLIGED to jump on your HUUUUGE BOAT and move
here and there - and I'm literally meant AMALFI
and MALTA!...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

UGH...ok, my dearest pupil...
so then - MALTA and its knights just 'cause their last settling after leaving
"OUTREMER" was in that island, but the correct and whole name is "Sovrano Militare
Ordine degli Ospedalieri di San Giovanni di Gerusalemme, Antiochia, Rodi & Malta (SMOM)",
and their origin are TRULY HISTORICALLY in a once convent which actually is the western
"façade" of my lil'town, Minori, and that belonged to my mother's family from before the
millenium until the earliest XXth century, when my Grandfather (Ma's line) lost it after
a quarrel for inheritances - that's all...memories lost along the ages, as well as the
"titres de noblesse", which don't exist anymore, but were/are - ehehmmm, SEVERAL, I'd
say - but in fact my DI PINO family should still owns an historically justified (and perhaps
THE MOST ANCIENT, right because of the ownership of this convent, S.GIOVANNI A MARE, where
knights had their TRUE FIRST CONSTITUTION - that's why Amalfi "herself" keeps the privilege
of being flagged with the Malta Cross - and MORE, on a BLUE flag, whilst the Order's one
is RED (their ships, first built in and given by our Repubblica di Amalfi, were called
THE PURPLE SAILS)...is all this enough for my THIRSTY PUPIL?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

nice goodlooking man - which makes me think, my hyperdear Doc:

Ouan sensei!!!!
This is the parade that I wish to see and join with.
I love old Italian navy that is consisted by 4 old countries including Amalfi, Venezia,Pisa and Genova.
I have been to all those cities with expectation Genova.
I like such old navy countries. Why? I don't know well.
I have watched again and again your slide show of photobucket. And I enjoyed the parade with you and your beautiful daughter.

Thank you for sharing.